Top Strategies for Acing Your Dissertation


    Many students are satisfied with an average dissertation. They’re just glad they made it to the end.

    But the ones who wish to excel at academics can’t settle for mediocrity!

    If you’re that person, you’ll surely benefit from these tips.

    Manage Your Time

    You’ve probably already been told several times to understand the worth of time. Although there’s nothing new to add to this, we’ve got to emphasize this point.

    You may come across blogs that claim to unfold the secret of cracking your dissertation within a month or even a week. But you should know better than to believe such bogus claims.

    If you want to ace your dissertation, you’ve got to start planning and working on it from day one of your study term. If you view the dissertation as a single target, you might not be able to comprehend how to accomplish such a mighty task. 

    You need to break down the research and writing for your dissertation into smaller, more manageable targets. Divide your work over the whole study term to get done well before the submission dates.

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    Stay in Touch with Your Advisor from the Start

    Many students make the mistake of approaching the dissertation committee for feedback closer to the submission or after they’ve already made much progress with the work. 

    There are two problems with this approach. 

    Firstly, if you’re taking comments toward the completion and realize you need to make major changes, you’ll be in the soup. Going over all the work you’ve already done is not only time-consuming but also pretty frustrating.

    Secondly, your advisor will be loaded with requests from other students as the dissertation submission dates come closer. He might not be able to devote full attention to your problems.

    So, don’t collect all your problems for the last hour. Meet your advisors and sort your issues as they come.

    Don’t Compromise on Research

    Many seniors and friends will advise you to take a shortcut on the research aspect of your dissertation. We’re afraid that’s not good advice.

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    When you compromise on the research, you miss out on important findings. Your study isn’t complete without thorough research. And if you present a half-baked study for your dissertation, your work would be average at the most.

    If you want to ace the dissertation, your research should be top-notch. Research as many study materials as you can, books and literature reviews. Draw your conclusions based on a critical analysis of the available data and studies.

    Focus on the Writing Part Too

    If you want to ace your dissertation, you need to ace both the research and the write-up.

    Write your dissertation where you can focus on what you’re doing. Adopt a clear writing style. Finish writing your dissertation a week or two before, so you have ample time for proofreading, editing and formatting it. 

    If you’re not very good at writing or feel your English is not up to standard, you don’t have to be disappointed. You can still score well on your dissertation. Take the help of professional dissertation writers who can turn in original essays to suit your requirement.

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    Leverage the Pomodoro Technique

    We’ve already discussed how important it is to break your dissertation goal into smaller targets to stay motivated and complete the dissertation on time. Here’s another tip to help you get over procrastination – the Pomodoro Technique!

    You’ve got to commit yourself to work only 20 minutes at a time. Set a timer or keep a lookout on your laptop’s clock. When the 20 minutes are done, take a short break. 

    This way, you’ll not feel bored or overwhelmed. You’ll be more focused and your thoughts will be clear.

    The Final Word

    If you want to ace your dissertation, you need to brace for every challenge on the way and carry on super-focused on the goal.

    Don’t be fickle-minded. Don’t go taking advice from anybody and everybody. 

    Know your potential and set realistic goals. In the end, your hard work and dedication will pay off well!