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Top Money Saving Apps To Control Your Expenses


Money is one of those things which you have to earn by hard work and which you can spend easily. There is a thin line between a wise spender to a spendthrift. And by our personal experience, we know that it is challenging to save money and control our expenses. Are you one of those who want to save money but can’t do it out of the habit of spending? Here is a list of top money-saving apps that you can use to control your expenses and keep a check on your savings.


If you have multiple accounts and credit cards to keep track of, then your Yolt is your one-stop destination. The app allows you to keep all your bank details in one place. It uses an open banking system that protects your privacy. It is safe to use, and it is available on the App Store and the Play Store. You can keep track of how much you spend on here daily amenities like groceries, fuel so that you can keep your expenses in control.


One of the best ways to keep control of your expenses is to the best deal on the services you require. Snoop is like a watchdog that will analyse the best value for the product or services you are using! Apart from this, you can keep all your bank details in one place in this app. Snoop will also tell you where your expenses are going beyond the line. The app is fully secure to use and is available for both iOS and Android systems. This way, you can save money, get the best deals and maintain your privacy.


This app is a virtual jam jar in which you can allow your money for various expenses. You can keep up a child for your entertainment, groceries, etc. The best part of this app is that you can pre-determined your budget for various expenses. What’s more? This app also allows you to make joint jams that you can share with your family and friends if you collect money for something together.


This app is specifically for overspenders and spendthrifts. This alerts you every time you put it out of your line with money. It is available on App Store and Play Store. You can easily store all your various details in one place. Emma will keep an eye on everything.


Need someone who is stricter on you with all your money spending? Then go for the chip. Chup is an AI-based App that automatically analyses your expenses and should the extra amount to a savings account. It keeps track of your spending activities and saves what it can. It is a fully secure app. However, this app requires some nominal working charges. So you are up for giving some money to save a significant amount for your future. Chip is the best option for you.


As the name suggests, this app is mainly for the fair sharing of expenses. If you are going on a trip or doing something together with your friends and family, make sure you use Splitwise. This app will keep track of your expenses and split them rationally amongst the group. We all face awkward situations when we have to ask for our own money from friends and family because we have covered their expenses earlier. Save yourself from these uncomfortable situations with Splitwise.

So these are the top money-saving apps available on Google Play and App Store.



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