Top 10 Mattresses Brands in India


Sleep is an essential aspect of everyday’s life. It’s the only time when your body rests after an exhausting day at home and office. As per the doctor’s opinion, it is recommended that every person at least needs to get a minimum sleep between 4 to 8hrs a day for the body to re-energize and get back on track. Your sleep depends on many factors. It’s a combination of health and external factors. The external factor here mainly includes the mattress that you are sleeping on and the environment. You need to analyze a bit before purchasing a new mattress to make sure that it’s meeting all your requirements like Space, Comfort, Length, Breadth.

Here’s our pick at the top mattress in India that has stood out in terms of quality and durability.


The brand started out its journey in the year 1962 with the basic sleep mattress module and over the years, in 2004 it expanded its range of products with over 126 configurations.Kurl on the mattress is a perfect blend of comfort and technology where high-end technology like MSI and Zero pressure is used to make sure that the person can have a comfortable sleep. The different ranges include

  • Kurl-On Mermaid
  • Kurl-On Dream Sleep
  • Kurl-On Angelica
  • Kurl-On Convenio
  • Kurl-On Fantasy

Each of these range suits different customers and can help in body support, budget planned along with superior quality.

Centuary Mattress

Centuary mattress as a brand started off during the year 1988. They were the first Indian mattress to be awarded  ISO 9001:2008 certification and also its been accredited by accredited by the American Quality Assessors (AQA) and National Accreditation Board (ANAB). They specialize is using high-end technology along with eco-friendly material for the bed mattress. The range of collections includes

  • Innovation collection
  • Comfort collection
  • Wellness collection
  • Smart Collection
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Duroflex Mattress

Duroflex started off during 1963. With over 50 years of Industrial expertise, it’s been one of the premium brands across India. They tend to focus much on the coir material and the springs used in between the mattress. They have a wide range of collections that include

  • Energise Range
  • Duropedic Range
  • Puf & Luxury Range
  • Spring Range
  • Rubberised Coir Range

Each of these ranges focuses on the energy level of the person, back support, luxury & Comfort, Advanced spring technology.

Sleep well Mattress

Sleepwell is a brand of the Sheela Group which is  India’s one of the leading manufacturer of Polyurethane foam. It has 12 manufacturing units along with more than 5000 dealers. They produce the mattress that is technology driven and at the same time provides a luxurious comfort to its customers. They have a wider range

  • Premium Technology Products
  • Sleepwell My Mattress
  • Back Support Range
  • Sleepwell Perfect Match
  • Unique Health Fresh Advantage
  • Sleepwell Pillows and Comfort Accessories

Each of these range caters to the use and comfort of different customers based on their sleeping pattern, body posture, and the health condition.

Comfy Mat

Comfy mat has been in the industry serving the customers for quite some time. They are also a member of ISPF (Indian Sleep products Federation) along with being the member of Andhra Chamber of Commerce. Their mattress focuses on the basic needs of sleep that is comfort and safety in terms of hygiene. The mattress are ranged at a decent price so that they can be affordable by all the classes. The special features of their mattress range include

  • 3D generation memory foam
  • High Resiliency Foam
  • Premium Anti bacterial protector
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Sleep zone brand is owned by  Real Innerspring Technologies Pvt. Ltd. They have a decade of experience when it comes to making the best mattress suitable for the customers. With the adequate international technical expertise and the exposure to the various problems, they specialize in making spring and non-spring mattress with various features. They make customized mattresses for home use and office use as well.Their range includes

  • Europedic Organic Latex mattress (Royal comfort)
  • Europedic Memory foam and
  • Galaxy Bonnell Pro Spring mattress
  • Europedic Soft foam
  • Gem Bonnell Deluxe Spring mattress
  • Imperial pocket softy spring mattress
  • Orthotech range of mattresses
  • Varicore mattress

MM Foam

MM foam has been in the mattress industry for more than 60 years. They started off with the latex mattress and over the years they have specialized in various features like anti-bacterial, dust-mite-resistant and even hypoallergenic latex. The categories of mattress that they specialize includes

  • Pin Core Natural Latex
  • Hardcore Natural Latex
  • Multicore natural Latex


This is a mattress brand owned by Kerala State Rubber Co-operative Ltd. They have collaborated with the Malaysian tech manufacturing company to make sure that the mattress is in no way lagging behind when it comes to the customer needs and comfort. They have mattress range like 9:30 mattress, Dreams mattress, Heaven mattress, Heaven Plus mattress, Heaven Plus NPF mattress, Heaven Plus Ultra mattress etc.

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This is a U.S branded mattress company that is quite famous in the Indian market when it comes to comfort and quality. The mattress is designed with the NASA technology where the mattress customized in a way that the weight and the pressure are evenly distributed which can give an overall perfect experience for your sleep time. They have their office located in New Delhi.

King Koil

King koil is a mattress brand owned by the Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Co which is a part of ARENCO Group. They provide comfort blended with luxury and their range includes medium to ultra luxurious body soft mattresses.

With this piece of information on the top best brands for the mattress, we are sure that you will be able to check the wide range of mattress from these well-known brands and buy the best suitable one for your home!