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Top Five Qualities Of Boys Make Girls Mad In Love


Women are magical entities. As a woman, I can convince you that it’s not only you who is amazed about what your woman expects. Sometimes, we, too, don’t understand our hearts. If you have never been in a relationship with a woman ago, there’s an entirely unknown world for you. What is it that brings a woman towards a man? Well, get up, it’s not as hard as it appears. While every woman has a unique intention when it comes to men, it won’t be unfair to say these 5 qualities are the ones every woman on the planet gets attracted to in a man. To know about the qualities of boys so that girls can fall in love, you should read the article till the end. 


As cliche as it may sound, an optimistic man makes women go soft in the knees. They discover something very desirable about a man who’s specific and unapologetic about who he is and what he likes. A woman would often want a man who dares to walk up to her and tell her he’s more attracted than a boy who’s too nervous to look her in the eyes. Delay and self-doubt are best kept out of her radar.

Good Listener

We could all do with some ear to hear us. And girls love conversing. Don’t be misunderstood by that girl standing quietly all by herself in a cafe corner. She would melt down her fences if she found somebody who cares enough to listen to her out. There is nothing better observable in a man who listens to his girl patiently, no problem how lengthy, boring, or tiring her words are.

Fiercely Faithful

This is an ultimate no-brainer. What women like about men is initial and main loyalty. Cheating is completely an illegal offence in a relationship. Rest in that territory even one foot, and you can risk losing all you have been creating together to time.

A Good Connection With Parents

No one wants a mommy’s boy, but that doesn’t constantly have to be such a height. Being near to your parents doesn’t imply you have to be at their beck and visit. What girls like about men is when they are polite to their parents.

Calling them directly and then exploring their health, being careful of their desires shows the girl that you are not just a caring soul, but you can also provide that much affection and attention.


The fact of life – silly men, are the most famous amongst girls. Who doesn’t like a man who can lighten up the situation a slight? If you can make her laugh, half the war is finished. But the trick is not to attempt too difficult. Girls love skillfully funny men who can make people laugh at the nastiest of tricks without coming across as selfish breaks, and more extensively, those who can giggle at themselves as quickly as they do at others. Be perfect. Always be true unless you can be foolish; then constantly be silly.



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