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Top Features of the Best Adjustable Beds


On average, a person spends 6-8 hours lying on the bed asleep. Staying in a single position for such prolonged periods, even if lying down, will take its toll on the body. Hence, you may choose to lie on a bed that gives the most comfort and supports your body for the entire sleep duration. But, bed and mattress are the most neglected considerations when it comes to shopping for ergonomic furniture.

With greater awareness now, though, consumers are demanding that their beds give them the kind of support that suits them best. And the best adjustable beds will provide all that a conscious sleeper could ask for. They come with chock full of features.

Bending Over Backwards For Health

The advanced technology has paved the way for beds to be more than just flat contraptions. At the touch of a button, the adjustable beds will take shape and form to rest its user in their most preferred position. Many such features are why they are now quickly gaining popularity.

Quality Electronics

Nobody wants to hear the annoying noise of their bed’s electric motor just when they are about to fall asleep. And this is why good adjustable beds will have motors that are as silent as they can get to ensure that your and another person’s peace of mind will remain intact. They can be remote-controlled, with various levels of height adjustment options available. 

They will be built to last the bed’s duration to avoid complications arising due to bad posture resulting from malfunctioning adjustment mechanisms. They will have batteries to take over when there is power loss.

Finest Mattress

No bed is complete without a mattress. And there is no point in buying an adjustable bed if the mattress on top doesn’t cooperate to give the best sleeping position. And there is a vast selection there. 

Memory foam is the go-to option as it retains the shape of the sleeping posture. The latest gel-based ones are the best option to go for. Their hardness also varies, with the most popular choice being medium firm and medium soft. 

Full-Body Comfort 

An adjustable bed cannot just satisfy the needs of one part of the body. It must move to accommodate the needs of both the upper and lower parts. This is particularly important for lumbar support. For those struggling with back problems, micro-adjustments will be required, which only the best adjustable beds can give.


A massage will not go to waste on any occasion. Having an adjustable bed means getting a massage from it head to toe whenever you like. Whether for the morning relaxed wake-up routine or for easing the strain of a hard day’s work, the massage feature will set you upright.


You may expect a night light under the bed, synchronized adjustment of legs, customizable positions that can be stored, a mattress slippage prevention system, extended warranty, and on-site service with good customer support from the quality adjustable beds. And all of it will come at a reasonable cost as well. 

The best adjustable beds will let you dream well, and not turn your waking moments into a nightmare.



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