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Top Exercises To Lose Arm Fat at Home


Flabby and fat arms can be a nuisance as they can spoil your body structure to a large extent. You cannot wear clothing you desire which makes you alter your style. Even if you have a lean body, fat arms can make you look broad thereby causing disproportion in your structure. Bringing slow and steady changes in your fitness regime and diet can gradually help you in getting rid of arm fat. We have listed a few ways that will guide you about how you can lose arm fat. The best part is that these exercises can be done with very simple equipment from the comfort of your home! Bid goodbye to expensive gym memberships and say hello to perfectly toned arms!

What Causes Arm Fat?

Arm Fat is usually caused due to an accumulation of fat which can also be due to alterations taking place in the body due to age, hormonal and lifestyle changes.  Hormonal changes can cause a decline in the metabolism which can cause burning of fewer calories. Accumulation of fat can cause a gravitational pull thereby making arms loose and flabby.

Which are Some of Best Exercises to Lose Arm Fat at Home?

There are many exercises available that target arm fat. We have handpicked the most tried and tested exercises known to show quick results. All these exercises or a combination of these can help you in reducing arm fat.

1. Keep stretching

This is one kind of exercise that can be done throughout the day. Stretching ensures that you remain active and reduces stress as well. Lock your fingers together at the back of your head and slowly stretch thereby bringing your arms up. Your elbows should be positioned behind your head after which you can bend your waist sideways for a few seconds. Repeat the same procedure towards the left. Make sure you keep your arms straight and stretched to the maximum during this activity.

2. Weight Lifting

This method of losing arm fat is the most tried and tested. This exercise has dual benefits as it also reduces belly fat. For this, you will have to choose an item which is heavy and can be used as a weight. For instance, you can choose a 2-liter bottle or any other object which is shaped like a dumbbell. You can also purchase weights if possible. It is important to note that the weight used must be around one kilo.

Once you have decided upon an item, hold it in both your hands and take it over your head. Keep your arms straight when you start. Now take the weight down behind your back. Lower the bottle to the best of your ability. Just make sure that you do not overstretch since it can cause a pull. It is also important to move your arms slowly as that is the best way to tone your arms. Repeat the whole exercise in at least 2-3 sets of 20 repetitions each.

3. Chair Dip

Apart from toning arms, Chair Dips can also tone back muscles. To begin with this exercise, take a chair or a bed which is just slightly higher than the ground. Make sure you do not take a soft surface to perform this exercise. Make sure that the prop is at least 2 feet higher from the ground. Face your back towards the furniture and place your hands on its seating area. Move at least a few steps ahead and straighten your upper body.  Bend your knees and elbows and thrust your body towards ground to touch the floor and then come back to the starting position. Do this repeatedly at least 20 times and in 3 sets.

4. Counter Push Ups

Counter push ups are effective exercises that can help you tone your arms effectively. All you need to use is a table or kitchen counter. Place your palms on the kitchen counter edge and your feet stretched on tip toes. Make sure that your back is straight and your body is balanced. Come down towards the kitchen counter by bending your elbows and then straighten the elbows and come back to where you started. Repeat this procedure at least 60 times every day. This will tone down arm fat.

5. Floor Push Ups

Push ups are perfect for overall body workout as it tones many areas. It is one of the best exercises if you wish to lose arm fat. Balancing can be slightly tricky but if you do them by balancing on your hands and knees, you can master them easily. To begin with, you can do knee push ups and then gradually start doing normal ones. Do these ten times in three sets every day.

6. Scissors

This exercise helps in losing arm fat in a jiffy!  As the name suggests, the position of this exercise represents a pair of scissors expanding and contracting. Stand straight and lift arms to shoulder height. Stretch arms sideways and bring them back in a criss cross motion. The right hand should overlap to the left side and the left hand needs to come over to the right. Do this exercise in 20 reps and for a total of three sets.

7. Triceps’ Dips

You can lose arm fat on the triceps with this exercise since the back area is where fat accumulation takes place. You require absolutely no props while doing this exercise! Just sit on the floor with your feet adjoined and knees bent. Place your feet on the floor and your hands behind the hips. Palms should be apart near each of your hip and now you can start by bending elbow and thrusting your hips down to touch the floor.  You will now have to raise your hips by straightening your arms and bending right elbows. Repeat the lifting off and thrusting process for a total of 20 -25 times on either side.

Arm circles are an age-old form of exercise that is one of the best to tone and shape arms. This can be done with weights, with 600 ml bottles in each arm or without any equipment as well.

Stand with your feet place in shoulder length distance and stretch out your arms to the sides on shoulder levels. Now start making circular motions with your hands and rotate them in forward and backward circles. This will work on biceps, shoulders, triceps ad back muscles as well.

8. Rotate wrist

Wrist rotation is effective on shoulders and lower arms which can be the flabbiest. Hold two kilo dumbbells and stand up. Your feet should be spread in alignment to your shoulder. Take your hands forward and rotate your wrist inwards and outwards in a circular motion. This will tone your arms.

9. Lift your Body Up

Take an iron rod and fix it at a suitable height. Grasp it firmly and push your body upwards from the floor. Gravitate towards the ceiling and hold for 20-seconds to create tension in your arm. Repeat the process 20 times and then continue for 2-3 sets with a break interval of 2 minutes.

10. Single Arm Raise

The single arm raise is a fantastic and powerful toning exercise that cuts out on the jiggly arm fat. Position yourself on an exercise mat like you would for a push up. Place knees and hands under shoulders and place a 600-ml bottle in the left hand. Now raise your body till your right hand is straight and your palm lies flat on the mat. Balance your body and place your left arm in the air adjacent to the floor. When you go off the ground hold there for some time and then come back to the ground. Repeat exercise by using the other hand.

11. Rotating Half Moon Shape

To get the best results, you can involve in slow and controlled motions to get the maximum results. One of the best slow movement exercise is Half- Moon Rotation. This target major problem areas including triceps and biceps. Stand with your feet placed apart to your hip level and stretch your arms to the sides raised at shoulder levels. Place palms facing the ground and rotate thumb downwards and forwards. Repeat over 30 times in sets of 3.

12. Lifting opposite leg and hand

This is another great exercise if you wish to make your arms tighter. This also works and strengthens the arm muscles and is great for muscle growth, formation, forming a good balance an improving posture. Place your exercise mat and get down on your hands and legs. The placement of your knee should be below the hips and the palms should be placed below your shoulders.  Raise your arm forward and stretch your leg back simultaneously. Hold position and then come back to the initial position. Perform this exercise for a total of 20 times for both sets of hands and legs.


If your problem area is the front part of your upper arm, then this is one of the best exercise for you. Hold weights in both your hands and stand with feet apart in line with your shoulders. Your palms should be facing inwards and your arms must be bent slightly. Bring one arm towards the shoulder in slow motion and then slowly take it down. Repeat the same procedure with the other arm. This will work effectively only if you move your arms slowly. Swinging them fast and moving your upper body will not help at all. Repeat the exercise for a total of 10-15 times for each hand.


This is one of the best exercises for triceps, chest and shoulders. All you need to do is kneel on your knees. Position your hands closer and make diamond with your thumb and index fingers. Bring your upper body down to the ground by bending your elbows and keeping your back straight. After you have waited there for a few seconds, you can straighten back to your starting position.


Bicep curls are the most basic form of toning exercises. All you need to do is take a weight in both the hands and stand with your feet apart adjacent to the shoulder level. Your palm should be facing towards you. Now bend your elbows and bring your hands and the weights in them towards the shoulders. Take your arms back to the starting position and repeat for a total of 30 times. To do this exercise effectively make sure that the elbows are positioned close to the body.


Stand and place your right leg in front of your left leg. Bend your right leg and keeping your other leg straight, bend forwards slightly. You will now be able to see the left leg and upper body in one line. Take a dumbbell in each hand and your palms must face the knees. Pull your hands to your armpits and squeeze shoulder blades. Ensure that your back straight.

This exercise involves the use of a resistance band which can be easily purchased online and is cheap to buy. Start by standing and place your right leg in front of you your left. Bend right leg and keep left leg straight and bend forwards from your waist. Place resistance band under right foot and grand the handles with your hands. Your arms need to be stretched in front of you and you will now have to bend your arms, tummy and hands. Open your arms sideways like a bird’s wings and squeeze your shoulder blades.

Diet Tips for Reducing Arm Fat

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Make sure that you consume water throughout the day. Drink at least 8 glasses of water after and before every meal. This will satiate your hunger thereby accelerating metabolism and burning fat. Do not drink more than a few sips when you are eating something as it can cause weak digestion. You can also consume fresh fruit and vegetable juices to increase water intake. Sodas, sugary drinks, packaged juices and energy drinks cannot be included in the same category.

2. Get Lean Arms by Never Skipping Breakfast

Research indicates that consumption of a healthy breakfast consisting of all nutrients will help you in losing weight more easily. Making the effort to eat breakfast without fail keeps you energetic throughout the day!

3. Replenish Muscle Energy After You Work Out

Fiber rich carbs and other energy rich foods can be effectively used for restoring tired muscles. This will help in repairing your muscles and refurbishing depleted energy therefore causing fat to burn more effectively. However, it is also necessary to make sure that you do not consume high calorie foods to get back your energy!

4. Add More Protein to Your Diet

Adding protein to your diet will make the process of losing arm fat faster. A recent survey has revealed that adding protein to your diet will increase muscle synthesis helping you tone muscles faster.

5. Green Tea

Drinking green tea in the morning helps in burning maximum fat. Starting your day with a cup of green tea will give you more energy and will speed your metabolism.

6. Perform Cardio

Cardio is a great way of toning arm muscles. Performing cardio everyday will ensure the prevention of flabby arms as it does not let fat accumulation take place every day. Swimming, rowing and brisk walking are other forms of cardio you can try.

7. Use Stairs

Ditch the elevator and use the stairs whenever possible. This can also be a form of exercise that can help in reducing arm fat.

All the above diet tips and exercises listed above are extremely effective and can help in losing arm fat. If you make these changes to your life, you can get rid of your flabby arms in two months flat!  Do these exercises every day to achieve optimum results.



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