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Top Courses After 12th, To Pursue for the Students


Career Planning is an essential aspect of life. A better Career makes your life better to live and enjoy every moment of life. Planning needs to be done while keeping in mind all the positives and negatives that will come out of the option that we choose.  Students usually select their career during their 12th. They try to find courses that are best suited to them in this competitive world.

Nowadays every person is competing with one another, they try to achieve more than his companion. A career should be chosen with a calm mindset and knowing all the positives and negatives from them. Apart from Btech and MBBS, there are many courses that a student can opt so as to make life easy to live in. 

Here we bring to you some of the courses that a student can opt after 12th:

1-Hotel Management Course

IHM is one of the reputed and most opted courses among students nowadays. IHM provides you with a good career, they provide you with luxury living, with fewer studies. IHM is beneficial for the Students those who pay interest in making food, management systems etc. IHM interested students can fill the NCHM form to get admission in the various colleges and get their job done. 

Hospitality and tourism can also opt-in IHM. Various Colleges include Ashoka-college of Hospitality and Tourism. This is one of the best colleges in Delhi to Pursue IHM as a career option. 

2-Graduation Courses

Graduation courses include BSC, BCOM, BA, BBA etc. Graduation courses are the fundamental step towards your selection of career. They provide the ticket to go to any field that is connected with it. Students can prepare for various competitive exams like SSC, Bank, UPSC, UPSSSC etc. Most of the students go for it and further they prepare for government services and get selected in it. 

3-Fashion Designer

Most of the girls choose fashion designing as their career. They are best suited for this course. Males are also interested in this, but most of the girls are seen employed in this sector to go to the  fashion designer field, one has to give the NIFT exam and have to qualify and get selected in it. NIFT School of programs and diploma offers a degree to its students who hold a keen interest in fashion designing. Some of the popular courses in Fashion designing are BDes in Fashion Design, Bachelor in Fashion Technology, Fashion Merchandising etc. It takes 4 years to complete your course in fashion designing. 

4-Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy officers are employed in various commercial ships that are going abroad for work. Students fond of adventures and water can choose Merchant Navy as their career option. Merchant Navy job is a reputed job and has a good salary. It’s a private job, but the pay scale is high excluding living. In Merchant Navy, one has to work on ships in various departments and have to spend almost 4-6 months in  ships. Merchant Navy job is not a long period job, they hold you till 35 and then they retire you. Merchant Navy Officer, after retirement, can seek a job in Bank, Railways. They get special benefits for government services. Merchant Navy can opt directly after 12th. It is a good job, high pay scale, but one demerit is that you have to live for around 4-6 months without your family in ships. 

5- Air Hostess for Girls

Air Hostess is the best-suited job for girls. Eligibility criteria in it are- Candidate should be able to speak fluently in English and one foreign language. They should have a 10+2 degree in hospitality, eligible for an Indian passport. Should have perfect eyesight, good health. Air Hostess for Girls is the best job for females. Females are secured in this job, don’t have to run around for various jobs. Good pay scale and less competition. The main duty of air Hostess is to ensure that the passengers don’t feel any type of discomfort in flights, air Hostess reviews all the happenings that are going on in the flight. 




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