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Top 10 Indian Copper Manufacturing Company [Updated List]


The usage of copper is an amazing phenomenon and its significant existences in our day to day lives are frequently downplayed. It’s available in huge quantity and at the same time, affordable joined with its flexibility, pliability, imperviousness to corrosion.

Along with the multiple uses, its heat and electrical conductivity property make the metal adaptable for a wide range of applications in the Industrial sector. A wide range of products is made from Copper metal. They include Copper Cables, Enamelled Copper Wire, Copper rods, Copper Sheets, Copper tubes, Copper conductor, Copper Lugs, Copper Sheets, Copper plates, Copper Terminals, and the list keeps ongoing.

Top 10 Copper Manufacturers in India

So let’s check the top copper manufacturing companies to know a bit more about copper, its usage and to know how long it’s been in use for us for ages.

list of top copper manufacturing companies in India

Hindustan Copper Limited

This is a public sector enterprise that started in the year 1967. It’s the only copper producing company where everything is taken care of end to end from the start to end. It includes companies themselves encompassing the mining, beneficiation, smelting, refining, and casting of refined copper metal. The company manufactures copper products in the market like Copper cathodes, Wire bars, and rods. Their units are spread across Rajasthan, MP, Jharkhand, Gujarat, and Maharashtra.

Hindalco Industries Limited (Birla Copper)

Birla Copper is a unit of Hindalco Industries Limited which is indeed a subsidiary owned by the Aditya Birla group. The company’s copper is certified as Grade A copper on the London Metal Exchange and also accredited by NABL ( National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories. They specialize in cast copper rods and copper cast cathodes.

Nissan Copper Limited India

The company was established in the year 1989 in Navi Mumbai. It’s a private sector company. They started off initially with copper tubes and then widen the area of scope. Now they provide a wide range of copper products that include copper pipes, tubes, copper sections, mother tubes, flats rod, wire bars, copper ingots, billet bars, and other products.

Sterlite Industries Limited

The company is situated in Hyderabad a part of Vedanta Limited. It’s a subunit that specialized in producing copper. The unit is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu region. They aim to improve over the years and make use of technology-driven manufacturing firm to touch a million lives. They produce main products like cast copper rods and copper cathodes, by-products like Sulphuric acid and Phosphoric acid.

Jhagadia Copper Limited

The company started during the year 1962 in Kolkata. The company is the largest manufacturer when it comes to  LME Grade A copper cathodes. They were established in technical collaboration with Outokumpu Technology AB of Sweden. Their copper plant capacity includes 50,000 MT of copper cathodes every year. It is an ISO certified company awarded for occupational health & safety management standards, environmental management standards, and quality management system standards.

Gujarat copper Alloys Limited

In 1992, they started off as with the first unit namely Sunrise metal industries for manufacturing copper strips, rods, profiles in Daman. Later they set up another unit and then they took a backward step and integrated the whole plant from melting to the finishing point. They produce Copper rods, Busbar, Segment section, Earthing tapes, Strips sheets, Profiles, Sections components, Silver bearing copper, and much more.

Bhagyanagar India Limited

The company was established in the year 1985 with its office in Secunderabad, Telangana. They manufacture copper main products that include deals in Copper Copper Rod, Copper Strips, Copper Pipes, Copper Busbars, and Copper Sheets. With time, they have expanded their services and products to  Telecom products, Solar Products, and Real Estate.

Brass Copper & Alloy India Limited

It’s a Mumbai based company established in the year 1990. They manufacture and provide a wide range of varieties when it comes to copper products. They include a qualitative range of Cable and Connectors Accessories that include Crimping Type Copper Tubular Cable Terminal Ends, Crimping Type Copper Tubular Cable Terminal Ends – Economy, Long Barrel Tinned Copper Cable Terminal Ends, and High Voltage Copper Terminals and much more.

Rachna Metal Industries Pvt Ltd

The company was established in Delhi in the year 1987. They specialize in Semi-finished copper and Copper alloy products. They include Copper Rods, Tubes, Copper Bus Bars, Copper Strips, Copper Plates, Copper Wires, Copper  Pipes, Sheets. Some of the well-known clients are BHEL, Voltamp, and Blue star.

TDT Copper LTD

TDT Copper Ltd which was formerly known as  Alchemist Metals Ltd has its premises located in Haryana. They manufacture Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP),  Continuous Cast Copper Rods, OFC wire rods, and  Oxygen-free copper wire rods. They aim to create a safe and eco- friendly environment. using green technology to improve quality and work standards.

With this information, we hope that you know the companies that are standing out across India when it comes to manufacturing copper and its products.



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