Top 7 chrome extension to use in 2022


If you have ever used Google chrome then you must know how great browser it is. Google’s chrome is reportedly one of the most used browsers out there. And it became the user’s first choice because of its huge library of Google extensions. Extensions are add-ons that make chrome functionality even more interesting and add new features to it. But you can only add several extensions since you can only add several add-ons.

If you ever thought about “how can I know which chrome extensions to use to be more productive”.  Well then here we have brought 7 best chrome extensions to use in 2020 to be more productive.

1. Evernote Web Clipper

 Have you ever come across an interesting article while doing some important work? Well if that has ever happened to you then you know how frustrating it is not being able to find that article later or regretting reading that while doing your work. Well, you don’t have to worry now since you can use Evernote Web Clipper to save that article. It lets you save any article in the simple format without images, an entire page with images, or simply lets you bookmark the article itself.

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2. Print-friendly & PDF

Have you ever tried to print out a webpage and see that all the ads that were on that page also got printed with the data you needed. Well if this ever happened to you then print-friendly & PDF is a special chrome extension for you. You can use this to print web pages and it will automatically stop any ad to get print on paper. This will save a lot more ink and paper.

Apart from this, you can also make PDFs of any webpage content while researching and save it on your computer.

3. Devo

Devo is an extension which is widely famous between developers and if you are someone who is just starting his/her career in programming and don’t know about this extension. Then Devo is a new tab extension that lets you keep updated on trending topics on Github, Hacker News, and Product Hunt. f.

4. Amazon Lightning Deal Watcher

If you are some who loves to shop during sales or lighting deals but are afraid to forget about them, and probably too lazy to just set the timer on your mobile phone. Then Amazon lighting deal watcher is just the right chrome extension for you.

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It will let you keep a tab on current and upcoming deals or flash sales. Apart from that, you can also view which deal is currently going on with its product image. You also have the option to check the price and remaining items. In case you don’t want to miss the deal it will also show you when the deal started and when it will end.

5.  Grammarly

Grammarly helps you type mistake-free while writing an online document or writing an email to your boss. Whatever is your need regarding writing Grammarly will help you. It checks your grammar written article or paragraph for grammar mistakes. Which you can simply correct by hovering the mouse over that word and clicking upon the suggestion.

6. Pushbullet

While doing anything important work on your computer if your mobile rang, the probability of your stopping your work and get distracted into your mobile is probably 100%. So if you are also like me then Pushbullet is the right tool for you and it shows all of your mobile notifications on Desktop including WhatsApp, Kik or Text messages. You can check your notifications directly from your computer without touching your mobile.

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7. Adblock Plus

Adblock plus is a widely used chrome extension to block ads and track cookies to speed up browsing. You can also choose on which site to use ad blockers and which site will get a clean chit. Apart from that, you can create your own completely new sets of rules to let pass and stop ads on a particular website.

So these were top 7 chrome extensions to use in 2020 for high productivity, shopping, entertainment, and news.