Top Career Choices After 10th & 12th


Arts!! Science!!Commerce!!

You know, 96 per cent of students get confused while choosing their career after 12th. In common words, we can say that if we have an aim, then we never confuse, but when there is if and buts, then we get confused. It is very tough for students to choose a career. One should never take one job for granted. Take decisions calmly for your career. You must go with your interest. It is so because you can do better in your exciting subject. You must set your goal before class 10th. After that, you should chase your dream. In this article, you will be guided for top career choices. 

Top 5 Career After Class 10th & 12th

Here is the list of the top 5 careers which you can choose after passing class 10th. So pick one out according to your interest.


If you choose science, then it has many career options. Like you can go for engineering, research roles, and medical. Most of the parents and students choose science for their dream future. The main reason behind choosing science is that if they want to switch from science to another stream like commerce or arts after 12th, they can switch easily. There are several careers available if you choose science. 

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The main subjects of the science stream are Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology.

Career options that are available if you choose science

  • BSc Home Science /Forensic Science
  • BTech or BE 
  • MBBS ( Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  •  Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology


In current times, the commerce stream holds the second position after science. If you choose commerce, then it will help you in the business. This is the best subject for those who round around numbers and finances. If your favourite subject is economics, then you can choose either commerce or arts. Both of the following streams carry economics subjects. There are many career options available in the commerce field, such as MBA, Chartered Accountant, investment in banking sectors, etc. But you must know about Accountancy, Finances, and economics to move with commerce streams. 

Career options that are available if you choose commerce

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Advertising and Sales Management
  • Business Management
  • Human resource development
  • Digital Marketing
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Arts and Humanities:

This stream is for those who have an interest in academic research. If you want to know Humanity’s knowledge deeply, then the Arts stream is the best option for you. If you go with Arts then in graduation you can choose subjects like history, English, Hindi, political science, geography, economics, etc. as the core subjects. Several careers are available for art students. 

 Career options that are available if you choose arts

  • Media / Journalism
  • Fashion Technology
  • Product Designing
  • HR training, school teaching, etc
  • Video Creation and editing

ITI (Industrial Training Institute)

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute, which provides courses for students who want to get a job quickly after completing school. If anyone wants to do a technical system in a short interval of time, then they can choose ITI as their career stream. After completing the training, students trained for industrial skills. They can start earning in the same field. 

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Career options that are available if you choose ITI

  • Public sectors job such as PWDs & others
  • Self Employed
  • Jobs in private sectors
  • Jobs in Foreign countries
  • Further studies in their specialization

Polytechnic Courses

Earlier, primarily males used to do polytechnic courses, but now you will see the ratio of girls is more than that of boys. This course can be said as the small brother of Engineering. In the Medical field, Paramedical is the junior post in the medical line. One can do this course just after passing class 10th. Courses like mechanical, chemical, computer, automobile, civil, etc you can choose in polytechnic courses. The duration of studies is 3 years, 2 years, and 1 year. You can do a job in a short interval of time if you go with a polytechnic course. One can get the degree of after doing a polytechnic course. After completing a polytechnic course, you will need just 2 years to get a polytechnic degree. 

Career options that are available if you choose a polytechnic course

  • Higher studies
  • Private Sector jobs
  • Own Business
  • Government Sector jobs
  • Self Employed