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Top 10 Car Tire Manufacturers


List of the best 10 Car Tire Manufacturers: Your car may have the best braking system, all-wheel drive and multiple other features for the safety. But without a set of perfect tires, you may find it difficult to steer your vehicle in the right direction, stop it at the right time or accelerate the car to a certain speed. The tires are most important part of your car, and you need to be careful about the condition of the wheels to avoid any unintended accident.

In case the thinning of your car tires hinders the proper movement of your vehicle, you must replace them at the earliest. Here are a few companies that manufacture the best car tires.

Top 10 Car Tire Manufacturers

  • Goodyear

If you are looking for the premier tire that money can buy, Goodyear is the ideal choice.  The superior grip that the Goodyear tires provide ensures the safety of your vehicle and all those who ride it.  The superior quality of materials used makes them safe to travel on and ensures that they last longer than the average tires. No matter how heavy your car is, the tires will give you the best mileage.

  • Michelin

The tire manufacturers continually strive to create wheels that offer safety and longevity to your tires along with the driving comfort for the travelers. The eco-friendly tires are available in the varieties of Primacy touring, Energy Saver and light truck tires. The superior quality of the tires is the reason that many car manufacturers use it in the new vehicles.

  • Bridgestone

The rigorous engineering behind the Bridgestone tires makes it the best performer on the road. The tires perform equally well in all weather conditions. The engineers at Bridgestone are always in the fast lane of innovation, and they seek to create tires that can keep moving even after getting punctured, to safeguard the driver. The quality of the tires also affects the fuel efficiency of the car positively.

  • Continental

The Continental tires run on any surface and in every season. Most car manufacturers use this premium tires to maintain the highest quality standards.  The engineers take into consideration all the aspects of safety and performance, while manufacturing the tires that are your best friends on the road. The company ensures that the tire brakes on any roads. 

  • Hankook

The radial tire and the bias-ply tire are the two products that make this tire manufacturing brand famous. The skid-resistant tires give an outstanding performance, even if it rains. The tires, with strong braking power and the refined designs, oriented to future dynamism, offers you a superior driving experience.

  • Pirelli

You can reach any destination if you have Pirelli tires attached to your vehicle.  No matter what kind of roads you have to traverse and what the weather conditions are when you are traveling, the tires assure you of a smooth ride. The advanced design of the tires ensures that the wheels do not lose traction, and you can maintain control even on the wettest of roads.

  • Apollo

Driving with Apollo tires attached to your wheels, offers you a quieter driving experience. Irrespective of your movement through snowy, dry or wet roads, the wheels do not make a noise.  There is not much difference when it comes to fuel consumption, the firm grip that the tires offer aid in the better performance of the car. The typical tread design provides durability and stability to the car even at high speed.

  • Yokohama

The Yokohama tires are much more affordable than the other tire brands.  The tire gives more control to your vehicle and hardly makes any sound.  The installation is easy, and you can get it done at the local service station.  The smooth tires run with ease on the grooved highways. There is rarely any heat buildup in the tires when you drive them on dry roads.

  • Dunlop

The company has a long history of tire manufacturing behind them.  The company manufactures tires for cars and other vehicles too. The brand, recognized for its performance credentials, form part of the original equipment on the cars. The major advantage of buying a Dunlop is that you pay a lesser price for the tires, but get the same quality as the other premium brands. 

  • Cooper

Cooper is a tire brand that is known for its durable products. Some critics point out that they are a little low on mileage than other brands, but the design that ensures your safety and the long life of the product will make up for this deficiency.

Make An Educated Purchase

Looking for a new set of tires can be an overwhelming experience if you do not have knowledge about the features that a car tire should have. Make an educated purchase and drive down the road with confidence.  It is only through experience and knowledge that you will learn what type of tires suits your car the best.



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