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Top Benefits of smart baby monitor


A smart baby monitor comes with a WiFi-enabled system that allows the parents to monitor their baby through audio tools and video call them, track their sleeping patterns, and monitor their whereabouts through motion sensors. 

A smart baby monitor works remotely. It can attach to the stroller when the baby is outside.

Basic baby monitors only have a two-way audio calling. It comes with a sensitive microphone which makes the parents aware when the baby starts crying in the middle of the night. Its connectivity is limited to the confinement of the house.

Smart baby monitors allow the parents to have peace of mind while at work or when they are not at home. The baby’s safety and wellbeing can be known to them only from a click of a button. Smart baby monitors also help to ensure the baby is comfortable in the nursery playing soothing songs and sharing temperature and humidity alerts.

Let us look at some of the key benefits of smart baby monitors

More than just audio communication

Smart baby monitors come with a two-way communication feature that allows the parents to listen to the baby and talk to the nanny or the babysitter through the monitor. It also has a video monitor and video calling feature to interact with the baby.

Breathing and monitor

Smart baby monitors come with a live breathing monitor to showcase the baby’s respiration per minute. It ensures your baby is not having any breathing difficulties. Baby monitors also help in recording the body temperature and weight which helps parents to analyze the baby’s health. Parents do not have to go to the nursery to check if the baby is breathing well, as alerts are automatically sent to the mobile app.

Remote operations on multiple devices

Whether parents are at work or out for running an errand, they can check up on the baby remotely as the baby monitors are integrated with IoS, Android, and smart voice assistants. With Wi-Fi connectivity, there is no limitation on the network range. It reduces parents’ anxiety when they are away from the baby.

Comfort for your baby

A smart baby monitor ensures a comfortable and soothing environment for the baby. Parents can record lullabies played by the smart baby monitor. The baby monitor also projects soft lights to help the baby sleep in comfort. It also generates white noise to drown out the chaotic sounds due to a car honk, banging of doors, thunderstorm, etc.  Smart baby monitors can be integrated with the thermostat and make the temperature suitable for the baby’s room. 

Analyzing the sleeping patterns

The sleeping patterns can be observed through the smart baby monitor. Many smart monitors also share timings to showcase at what time your baby sleeps peacefully or when they wake in the middle of the night. Parents can also plan their daily routine by knowing the sleeping patterns of their babies. If your baby has irritable sleeping patterns, it can be monitored and consulted with a pediatrician.

Best Smart Baby Monitors For 2021

Smart baby monitors help ensure the baby is safe and comfortable in the nursery. It surely helps the parents to plan their day and routine more flexibly with the nanny or the babysitter. While choosing a smart baby monitor, parents must select the ones that have all the features they need to observe and know about their baby’s whereabouts.

Let us look at the best smart baby monitors in 2021

Nanit Sleep System

Nanit Sleep System has excellent camera quality for night vision. The smart baby monitor comes with an external subscription for analyzing sleep and breathing patterns. It has good connectivity that operates without low internet.

Netgear Arlo Baby 1080p HD Monitoring Camera

Comes with adorable animal designs, this smart baby monitor has all the advanced features a parent needs to monitor their baby’s wellbeing. The monitor has a two-way calling with a high-quality video camera of 1080p. It comes with noise and motion sensors. The night light feature and the lullaby music player help the babies to sleep in comfort. The environmental sensors are useful in adjusting the humidity and temperature of the nursery.

iBaby Monitor M6S

The smart baby monitor comes with a high-quality video record of 1080p and triggered recording through motion and noise sensor alerts. Parents can easily tilt the camera in all directions through their mobile app. The baby monitor plays lullabies and helps parents create a playlist for the baby to sleep well. 

Owlet Cam and Smart Sock

The smart baby monitor is best suitable for monitor the baby’s health. It comes with external socks that help to detect the baby’s body temperature. Parents can also track the heart rate and the baby’s breathing patterns as the monitor comes with an oximeter. The smart baby monitor can be mounted easily and swivels from all directions to give the room a complete view. It also comes with a 16-hour battery life.

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

This smart baby monitor model looks like a toy in the shape of a bird that easily blends with the nursery’s decor. It sends an alert if the baby is sleeping in the wrong position. The smart baby monitor has an AI voice control feature that plays sounds of nature for the baby to sleep peacefully. Parents can use it for two-way audio and video calling.



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