Top App Development Technologies in 2022


Technology is growing exponentially. In the current scenario, the population is fuelled by digitalisation that is slowly reaching its peak. Apps are the start and end of this race. Here are the Top App Development Technologies in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is one of the prime tools that is used for app development. AI is the future of technology, and its use is imperative. It can be incorporated in many ways like chatbots, adaptive homepage, data analyst and much more.


A lot of interfaces are incorporated with e-payments portals for their e-commerce. These portals must be robust and protect user privacy and data. Blockchain has been a boon to enhance the security, confidentiality and quality controls. This technology is not going out of trend for a long time.

Cloud Integration:

With the data boom and information, free flow storage is always a big issue. Cloud integration gives space for storing massive amounts of data. It also increases productivity and collaboration. Amazon Web Service is the most popular cloud computing backup these days.

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Low Code Development:

App development is a tedious task with a lot of coding. Minor errors can take hours to realise. Low code development technology can get rid of long hours of manual coding. There are many platforms like Google App Builder, Zoho Creator, Kissflow etc., available for aspirers.

Accelerated Mobile Growth:

It is highly undesirable if your user interface takes time to load. Nothing turns off visitors like a slow loading UI. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Growth is a good HTML based tool that increases your UI’s speed. It is also linked with Google’s search results.

Screen Continuity API:

From feature phones to smartphones, mobile technology has changed drastically. What next? Foldable phones. Recently Samsung launched its foldable Galaxy Z series. What is the prerequisite of such a phone when it comes to apps? It’s called Screen Continuity API. This technology has a lot of scope in future.

Wearable App Integration:

Wearable App Integration is the next-gen futuristic technology that is starting to spread its roots at present. Today we have smartwatches that do a lot more than just telling time. Many more products will come under wearable technology, and Apps should be loaded with this Wearable App Integration to stay in competition with its contenders.

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Voice Control:

The day is not so forward touch control will completely feel outdated, and users will demand voice control technology. You should be prepared for that. Most of the apps have Voice Assistants, a technology which only grows more vital each passing day.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have changed the face of graphics and gaming. The designs are getting more realistic each day. These technologies are critical if you are building a gaming app or app that involves graphics.

These are some of the latest Top App Development Technologies in 2021 that will be in the market for the next few years until new technologies replace them.