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Top 10 AntiVirus Software Companies


List of top 10 Antivirus Software Companies: No computer system is 100% secure by default. You need an antivirus to keep your system safe from the unethical elements that are waiting to use the vulnerabilities of your computer, for fulfilling their illegitimate purposes.  Most people do not use an antivirus as it comes at a high cost. You may not know which antivirus to go for, as there are so many brands that claim to be the best.

If you want to save your system from the damage that a virus can cause, start looking for some antivirus software companies. Here is a list of the best ten companies working for the development of antivirus software.

Top 1o Antivirus Software Companies

  • Symantec

The Symantec manufactures the best antivirus for your PC, since the last twenty years.  The company provides consumers with system utility solutions and simple online security tools, for Windows computers. The program is compatible with Windows 8, and it can remove some particular viruses. 

  • Kaspersky

The popularity of this antivirus system is attributable to the wide range of services it offers. This superior antivirus protects your system from the viruses as well as the web-based threats. More and more people are using this software for protection against any malpractice in online banking and shopping. The prompt customer support that the company provides is an additional advantage.

  • Microsoft Security Essentials

The Windows users are all praise for this no-cost, antivirus program.  The software works well for cleaning the infections in your personal or business computers.  The software, with a user-friendly interface, does not harm the overall performance your system. This is the most an excellent security system, coming from none other than Microsoft itself.

  • AVG

If you require some basic protection for your system, the ASG free antivirus is the best choice. You may also opt for the premium version of the antivirus that employs cutting-edge technology to take care of your security needs.  Since the software works on low system resources, it will not take up a lot of space on your machine.

  • ESET

This antivirus works really fast, without slowing down your system. ESET antivirus gives you daily updates on your system so that you can take immediate action, in case you find anything wrong. The antivirus protects your PC even if you visit sites which offer of a virus alert. This is user-friendly software that you can easily operate. Apart from this, the software makes it easy for you to scan and inspect your system.

  • McAfee

McAfee is one of the most popular antivirus software among the computer users. The antivirus can detect malware and Trojans that other well-known software cannot, and also works to remove them from the system.  You may have to pay a premium for it, but you can be sure that this software works where all others failed. This antivirus software identifies the sites from which the malware is coming.

  • Avast

The free and useful antivirus software have a detection rate of around 98%. Many daily updates to this software make it a tool that every computer user requires for the safety of their system. The antivirus works on the Windows, Android, and iOS platform, and offers a neat user-interface. AVG does not take up a huge memory in your system.

  • Bitdefender

The Bitdefender offers free and paid versions of the antivirus software.  If you want to ensure a necessary protection for your system, use the free version that provides a virus-scanner on demand.  The premium version of the product works best for the Mac as well as the Windows platform.  The continuous research that the firm undertakes ensures the detection of even the latest virus doing the rounds.

  • Panda Security

The Panda Security software is easy to download and use. You also have the option of calling for a demo, in case you have doubts about the system. The antivirus protects your system, and emails safe from any threat, without compromising the speed of your system. In case, you have any issues with the software the responsive customer support team helps you out.

  • Avira

This software guards your web against any malware. The powerful scanning and the fast updates make it one of the most preferred antivirus software. You can simply install and forget this zero-maintenance software, and can be sure that it will do its assigned work.

Protect Your Invaluable Data

If you do not have an antivirus in your system, install any of these software’ on your computer. To protect the invaluable data from hackers and identity thieves, you need an antivirus that will serve your security requirements.  Calculate the loss that you may suffer if you lose out on any crucial information about you, your family, company or clients. Is it not worth spending a small amount on protecting these? 



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