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Top 8 Steps To Pot A Plant Perfectly At Your Home


Potted plants make one’s home more beautiful. You can decorate your home with both indoor and outdoor plants. This will make your home beautiful. Things you will have to do is to maintain these plants by making them comfortable. It will be good when you plant it on the pot rather than in the ground. Must follow the below steps to pot a plant perfectly. You can pot a plant on your balcony too. But in every situation, you must know the process and things related to planting. 

You can follow these tips or steps to make your home decorated with blossoming flowers. 

1. Choose a Place For Your Plant

Before planting, you must select the perfect place for the plant. Set your plant according to space so that the plant can be fit easily. As we know that plants make their food by the process of photosynthesis and this needs light. So outdoor plants also need sunlight for photosynthesis. 

2. Choose Your Plant:

You must choose the plant according to the condition of light available at your home where you are going to plant. It is so because some plants need sun lights such as Roses, Jasmine, etc. If you plant these flowers inside your home, then they will not survive. On the other hand, some plants grow most under the shadow. If you place such plants under the light of the sun, then they will burn up. 

3. Select a Perfect Container

There are so many containers available in the market made up of different materials like clay pots, plastic containers, etc. One can also use bottles or old buckets for planting. Your container should be 25 per cent tall so that its root can overgrow. 

4. Fix the Drainage

There must be a hole in your container at the bottom, allowing it to drain out extra water. It will help in saving your plant roots from getting stagnated. You can place pebbles or pieces of tiles near the hole of your container. 

5. Prepare Your Potting Medium

You can use different materials like organic matter, water, air, and minerals. It must be an inadequate amount. You can also use your home waste in growing plants. Either you can buy ingredients from the market, or you can use your home waste. 

6. Plant Away

You should place the plant in the middle of the container. Give water until it drains out from the pot. If your plant is fixed in the middle, then the root of the plant will spread ideally. 

7. Watering

Watering is the essential thing that helps in the growth of plants. You should not give water all the time. Overwater is harmful to growing plants. Mostly in case of cactus or succulent, don’t overwater. In the case of succulents, you can use water a couple of times a month. 

8. Fertilize

In three or months, use home compost for your plant. Fertilizers are the best thing for home gardening and composting. So, use fertilizers from time to time to make a healthy plant. 



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