Top 8 do’s and don’ts of dieting|


#1 Seek qualified help

Do: Consult a qualified nutritionist. 
Don’t: Fall for quacks

Of late, there has been a rise in the number of self-proclaimed nutritionists on the internet, especially on platforms like Youtube. These guys just mislead people with unscientific diet practices that bring in more harm than good health. Pay no heed to such blind advice and always seek the help of a professional or practising nutritionist for better and safer results.

#2 Supplementation 

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Do: Consult and seek the advice of a qualified nutritionist
Don’t: Avoid taking matters into your own hands

When it comes to nutrition, people have a lot of information but there is always lack of proper knowledge. Don’t fall for flashy ads and commercials that you see on TV or the internet that is always filled with half-baked and useless knowledge.

#3 Consistency

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Do: Strictly follow your diet plan
Don’t: Deviate out of your plan

Try your best to strictly stick onto your diet plan that’s prescribed by your doctor to get the best results at the earliest.

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#4 Fat Consumption

Do: Consume healthy fats
Don’t: Consume trans-fat/ saturated fats

You’ll be surprised to know that consuming fat will actually help in burning fat. However, this is possible only when you consume fats like omega 3 found mostly in some fishes (Good Fats). 

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#5 Carvings 

Do: Keep yourself filled and energised 
Don’t: Keep yourself controlled while having things you carve

When you are on a diet, carvings can be quite common. In case you are finding it difficult to control yourself, then it’s ok to have a little quantity of what you carve. This actually will help you to continue your diet plan.

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#6 Eat smart

Do: Eat things that don’t hinder your diet plan
Don’t: Eat things that are against your diet plan or avoid socialising also don’t overeat due to peer pressure

Eating out can be a big challenge when you are on a diet. But be patient and choose something out of the menu that complies the best with your diet.   

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#7 Share things you carve  

Do: Share and eat things you are not supposed to eat
Don’t: Be greedy and eat the entire dessert or things you carve

Desserts are something which everyone carves for. When you are on a diet, it really doesn’t do much harm to eat a spoon or two of your dessert when it’s right in front of you. However, eat less. This can be easier when you share your things with others.

#8 Starvation

Do: Take some small quantity of food every now and then  
Don’t: Starve close to death

Certain diets require you to starve for a specific amount of time. But do remember that you require some amount of energy or calories to keep yourself chugging all along the day. Also, remember that you don’t lose fat when you starve, it’s just the weight that you are losing. So have something to eat in small quantities for your good.

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