Top 7 water recipes


Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle? Who doesn’t want to? So to help yourself rule a lot healthier and happier life, you must pay attention to what you intake. Being hydrated is a major step you can take towards fitness. But is only being hydrated by drinking lots of water enough? No! being hydrated with healthy water is more important.

Now you must be thinking…Healthy water? Yes, by healthy water I mean overnight water recipes. So only for you, we have brought a list of 8 water remedies to help you get on the track of fitness. So let’s begin.

1. Rice water

Rice water can be made by soaking rice in water for a few hours and remove the rice and then letting it ferment for a day or two. Then the fermented water can be applied on hair and skin. Unfermented water can also be consumed.

Benefits: glowing skin, energy drink, shrinking pores, shiny hairs.

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2. Ginger water

Ginger water recipe is a simple one and is a strong remedy. All you need to do is to grate some ginger, add some water and there you go. It is an excellent remedy for toned body.

Benefits: relieve menstrual cramps, bloating, cold, headache, indigestion and reduces fats.

3. Mint water

All you need to do for this amazing water recipe is to soak mint in water and leave it overnight. This overnight recipe cures many
ailments that the best of the medicines can’t.

Benefits: Improves complexion, fights indigestion, cures acne, detox, and of course freshens breath.

4. Fennel water

All you need to do for a perfect slim waist and a healthy gut is to soak fennel seeds in warm water or soak them in cold water and leave them overnight. Fennel water can be your perfect morning drink.

Benefits: weight loss, healthy skin, digestive problems, menstruation problems.

5. Rosewater

Rose water is the most renowned water recipe. It can be applied on skin, over hairs and also can be taken as overnight water recipe. All that you will have to do is to soak few petals of rose in a glass jar and leave overnight. For application on hair, you can boil the rose petals in water and use directly after cooling.

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Benefits: shiny hairs, smooth skin, relaxes eyes, purifies skin, tightens pores, lightens scars.

6. Cucumber water

Cucumber water is the most beneficial one when it comes to loose weight. Cucumber water can be turned into a healthy and delicious health juice by adding mint and ginger to it. Cucumber water is very refreshing and also purifies blood. Make is by soaking cucumber, mint and ginger overnight in a jar.

Benefits: relieves nausea, keeps you hydrated, weight loss, removes dark circles, healthy skin.

7. Honey water

It a well known weight loss recipe. But it is not only beneficial for weight loss but also many other health disorders. The recipe of honey water is a very simple one. Just add honey in Luke warm water and store well.

Benefits: weight loss, cures acne, releases toxins, sore throat remedy, reduces bloating, healthy skin.