Top 7 Reasons to Choose PMP Certification for Project Management?


A project is a unique idea which is developed using various techniques. The concept of a single thought, cast into a product, is a project. It’s not a usual routine work, but a very specific set of rules or operations architectured to achieve one particular goal. A temporary object which has a definite beginning and ending with particulars of scope and resources.

Project Management is a procedure of following strict instructions, norms, guidelines to accomplish the one sole task, i.e., project development. The person handling all the proceedings and making sure that the work is going in the right direction as per the requirements is designated as Project Manager, and the one who has the expertise in this domain is called Project Management Professional


To climb the steep slope of the mountain is not an apparent job. This demands hard work and patience a lot. There are a lot of certifications available in different regions where one can take up a PMP certification in Banglore which is in high demand as per the growing demand of the aspirants in north India.

The certification will help an individual enhance his skills and dexterities with a high probability of a hike in the monthly paycheck of an individual with a prospering career in project management, thus widening the brackets of your knowledge and growth.

Project Management Processes

Mainly PMP follows these five processes:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Monitor and Control
  5. Closure

Knowledge Areas of a Project Management Professional (PMP)

  1. Integration
  2. Scope
  3. Time
  4. Cost
  5. Quality
  6. Procurement
  7. Human Resources
  8. Communications
  9. Risk Management
  10. Stakeholder management

Every kind of management involves all the above areas but a project manager sprinkles the unique focus to keep the aspects of the goals, assets, and agenda of the project. The cost of the concentration is withheld by the agile, worldwide spike of project management.


Some Reasons to consider the PMP certification

Here are some worthy considerable considerations opting for the PMP Certifications for better salary and career growth.

#1 Project Management Certification or Graduate Degree

Earning a certification definitely shoots your career as well as lifestyle. The certification throws light in the employees demonstrating that you have more knowledge with the essence of significant and powerful skills to manage and handle the projects and even the teammates.

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A contemporary study has recommended that the project managers with the certification make more fortune, i.e., 23 percent more than an average across all countries.

The certification is generally preferred or sanctioned for promotions and career advancement.


#2 Experience

The amount of time delivered at the position does affect the growth of the career as a project manager. The industry-specific experience also impacts the particulars of an individual. For instance, the professional with 20 years experience gets around $124,296 per year than $76,489 for experts who have less than 3 years of work experience. This makes a huge difference calculating around to be 63 percent.


#3 Enhance your skills

It’s not an easy job to avail the PMP certification. It’s strict devotion of hours to earn that piece of paper. The involvement of compelling coursework makes it difficult. One get’s trained and educated in five major processes discussed as above, i.e. plan, initialize, implement, monitor and control and closure at the end. Shortlist the sayings by saying that one learns from A-Z of the project management. The skills can sparkle you in the company projects for better execution.

#4 Expand the marketability

The certification can aid you to global firms to work with various parts of the world. It shoots the professional marketability to a large extent which appropriates the manager understanding as a project manager. You would be in the company amongst other aspirants in the course who might be already PMP certified professionals via the project management forums and analysis board aiding you with their experience and learnings to make you better amongst them.

This will clear the clouds of delusions if present any under the surveillance of the higher members in the group.

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#5 Make some more money

The PMP certification not only brings the skills at your doorstep but also the fortune. The persons with PMP certifications are more paid. As jived above the dignitaries with the certificate in their hands make $119,235 annually as compared to $99,070 without certifications.




The managers with some specialization in a particular field usually get highly paid according to the discipline. The ones with domain specialty in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math acronymed as STEM usually get high payslips.

  • Project Managers creates the wireframe of the idea, then plan accordingly, next close the projects by looking for the responsibilities, formulating the inclusive plans and handling the budgets. These persons collect $99,600.
  • Program Managers run various related projects in a cumulative way — known by programs — to bring the advancements in business’ outcomes. They withdraw the salary around $124,304.
  • Portfolio managers’ task is to go through or analyze the firm’s projects to share their hands and expertise into the company’s best tasks to earn a good lump of money. They dwell into the number of resources to extract the needed information and hence improving the performance rate of the project. They make the hell of dollars around $137,329

#6 Elaborate the Market Reach

Does not matter how big the group of PMP certified professionals are global, but still a close-knit community. There are numerous project management forums and the ones over the internet who wills to make contributions to those who want to pull this (PMP) professionalism from across the globe to enhance their experience. Giving hands to everyone keeping them abreast of the current industry developments and fashion.

#7 Security of the PMP Professionals

Even in the IT crisis or any kind of downturn, the PMP certification holder is secure. Well, every firm is aware of the certainties to their company’s future but are unaware of the uncertainties. At bad times, it’s benign to kick out some chairs for the survival but PMP professionals are glued permanently no matter what happens around.

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This is because even the higher officials know that these guys and the data scientists are the pillars and beams of every IT company respectively. So in the time of crisis, the company relies on its shoulders.


What does a Corporate world look for?

The industry always glazes its eyes on the ones with the certifications. Even in their knowledge, the importance of PMP certified professional and the non-certification person is very vivid. Without any hesitation the questionnaire builts up his mind for the paper holder, in keeping him.

The project manager also trains the newbies and evaluate the colleagues in his team to their potential level. The certification lures you with this skill and knowledge as well.

He is the person who is fit for every industry them whether it’s information technology or the non-IT. Every type of business needs the brain to handle the projects at a convenient and efficient way, so PMP certified satisfies this condition at each par. The domain can be any from the bracket of telecom, commerce, finance, research, and more.

Great Investment to the Firm’s future

The exam itself falls in the middle range of the money to hop for. The bracket of other certifications is way more compared to the PMP certification. This turns out to be the huge plus point for both the parties, i.e., the candidate and the firm.

The certificate on the table of business’ recruiter rings the bell of making easy money onto the company side.