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Top 6 Tips To Follow To Grow Longer And Thicker Hair


Do you think there is something behind longer and thicker hair? Isn’t it something magical about long hair? Or is hair magic in itself? Don’t you want to crave it? People use so many techniques to grow their hair quickly. But sometimes they fail so you must use some natural things to grow hair properly. Sometimes due to splitance, the growth of hair stops. 

You need to worry about it. We are Indians, and our remedies are related to nature. So, where is the problem? You do not have to go to a boutique to bring any gel, shampoo, or anything to grow your hair. Nature will play a significant role in growing your hair correctly. I am sure that these natural remedies will help you. You will see progress very soon or in three months minimum. We have mentioned it here only. 

Here are 6 tips that can help you grow your hand properly, and your growing hair would be thicker than earlier. 

1. Onion Water

This is the best remedy for your hair as onion is available easily in the market. Even everyone’s kitchen carries onions so that one can use onion as a remedy easily. Onion helps the formation of keratin which is responsible for hair growth. Onion contains sulphur which grows your hair fastly. 

Process to use onion water:- 

  • Take 4 to 5 small onions
  • Chop it into small pieces
  • Take water into the pan and add onion to it
  • After this, boil it for a few minutes
  • Then use it in your hair

2. Neem Oil Mask

Neem contains vitamin E, which makes your hair stronger. It helps in nourishing and moisturising the hair. Neem contains fatty acids, which make your hair thicker and stronger. If you follow this, you will see the progress of your hair in just a few weeks. 

Process to use neem oil mask:

  • Take some neem leaves
  • Grind it on a mixer
  • Boil water in a saucepan at medium flame
  • Place bowl on the saucepan
  • Then add coconut oil to the bowl
  • Then add that paste of neem
  • Then stir it for a while until it turns to dark green 
  • Take it out with the help of a strainer
  • Use it in your scalp thoroughly
  • Leave it for an hour, then wash it

3. Use Eggs

If you want to improve your hair, then you must use eggs in your hair. People are now investing a lot of money, but they do not know that they are losing both hair and money. There is no effect of natural things, then we must go with natural things. It smoothes the hair very well. It works as keratin, for which we pay a heavy amount. Eggs contain protein which is responsible for smoothening of hair. 

Process to use Eggs:

  • Take two eggs if your hair has an average height
  • Then add honey and coconut oil to it
  • Stir it for a while
  • Then use it on the scalp 



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