Top 6 places in the world where sun never sets


Don’t you think that there may be no places on the earth where the sun never sets down? Is it possible? If it is possible, then how do the people feel about these places? Don’t we want to enjoy those days and places where the day never ends? Obviously, most people want to enjoy those days. They are lucky to be spending their life on this lap of nature. It may be they would have felt unlucky, and they may want to enjoy both day and night. It’s human nature that we are never satisfied with our own things. But it does not matter whether we get satisfied or not, we should enjoy every beauty of life. When do people in these countries sleep or wake up? They may sleep at any time because, for them, night and day are the same. 

Let us find the reason behind it. It is because the location of these countries can be near the pole. This phenomenon takes place because the earth is tilted on its axis, and this is by 23 degrees approx. You can plan for your holidays in such a part of the world. These are the best places to enjoy your vacation. Read the list of those places which are mentioned below. And pick one of the countries and book your ticket. 

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Here is a list of some places where the sun never sets. 

Hammerfest: Norway

In Norway, there is the oldest and northernmost city, Hammerfest, where the sun never sets down. There are around 8000 people who are living in Hammerfest. The most interesting facts about this city is that by UNESCO, this city has been announced a World Heritage Site. You know, for only 40 minutes the sun sets in the city and it happens at 12.43 am. As it is known that Norway is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From May to July, the sun does not set, and it is almost 76 days. So you can visit here in May, June or July. 


Iceland is known as the largest island which is situated in Europe. This is the largest island after Great Britain, and there are no mosquitoes. In summertime, the sun does not set here. Even nights are clear and white in the month of June. 

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One of the beautiful cities of Sweden, Kiruna, is famous for the place where the sun does not set. This city has 19,000 people who are spending their life here. In this city, the sun sets between May and August. It is an awesome time to spend vacation days. This happens for almost 100 days. So, do not forget to visit this awesome city of Sweden. 

Nunavut, Canada

Canada is a dream place for many Indians, but it may be some people do not know about this city in Nunavut. Nunavut is located above the Arctic Circle, and there have been living 3000 people approx. It is the northwest territory of Canada. In summer, for two months, the sun never sets here. 

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg is located in Russia and is populated with more than 1 million people. It is also one of the northernmost city. For one and half months, the sun has not set here. 

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Finland is famous for its number of lakes and islands. You can imagine its natural beauty for a second. It will force you to visit here. You know, for 73 days in summer, the sun doesn’t set here. It is damn hard to spend a whole day in sunlight. Doesn’t it difficult? Must visit this place in summer for few days.