Top 6 place to visit in Dubai


If you are going for an international holiday, then Dubai is a dream place for backpackers. Dubai is a perfect place to hanging out with friends. However, Dubai has many places to visit, but here are the top 6 places you must visit in Dubai.

  1. Burj Khalifa

The building from which Dubai is known among the world, with a hight of 829.8m Burj Khalifa, is the world’s tallest building and city’s point of interest. This building was completed in 2010, and this building has 124 floors and the world’s fastest lifts installed in it. The sunset view from the top of the Burj Khalifa is soo mesmerizing that you will never forget it in whole life.

  1. Dubai mall

Dubai mall

The first mall of the city Dubai, and it provides entry to the Burj Khalifa and also to the Dubai Aquarium. In this mall you will find everything that you need to buy, it has endless shopping and eating.

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Moreover, there is also a gaming zone, ice-skating rink, and a cinema complex and many more entertainment options. There are nearly every day live music concerts or fashion shows inside the mall.

  1. Dubai Aquarium


Dubai’s top tourist attraction situated at Dubai mall. This aquarium holds around 10 million liters of water, and it is the world’s largest indoor aquarium. It has around 140 different species of sea and more than 33,000 aquatic animals. Though underwater cage diving, the tourist can watch the animals closely.

  1. Burj al-Arab

Burj Al arab

A 321m high hotel is standing on its artificial island on the coastline of Dubai. The Burj Al-Arab is the world’s tallest hotel till now. It is the world’s most expensive hotels in the world. For one luxurious suite, it will cost around $15,000 for one night.

It has the most famous underwater Al-Mahara restaurant, which allows you to see underwater life through the walls of the restaurant while you eat.

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden

miracle garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is the craziest garden you will ever see. Dubai is not only known for its beautiful creations, extraordinary buildings, and malls. Dubai has the world’s most extensive flower garden spanning over 72,000sq. Meters and with 100 million flowers. Here everything is covered with flowers, windmills, trucks, and houses.

  1. Dubai Butterfly Garden

Butterfly garden

Apart from the city lights and skyscrapers, Dubai has a must-visit place. This is a vast butterfly garden created in 2015, the world’s largest and the first indoor butterfly garden with over 15k butterflies from 26 different species. It is a great chance to see the butterflies closely, and they often sit on your palm and shoulder like they are hanging out with you.

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