Top 6 Hidden Features To Use In WhatsApp


In India, there are around 390 million users of WhatsApp. Whatsapp provides so many interesting features but we do not know some features. In this article, you will get to know about a few features that are known by very few users. It is the best app for chatting so we must know about all of its features. 

#1. Verve your messages by formatting the text

You can write your messages in bold, italic and strike by using some special characters. There will be a couple of characters that you will have to use before and after the text. If you want to bold the text then you can use * (*bold*). For making text italic use an underscore such as (_italics_). If you want to send strikethrough text then you will have to use ~ in the following format (~strikethrough~). 

#2. Make your messages disappear

Whatsapp introduces new features regularly which users enjoy a lot. Some features are hidden which are used by a few people. There is a feature by which your message will disappear automatically from recipients after 7 days. Once you enable it then the message will start disappearing itself from the chat after seven days. You can enable it by opening the contact of your recipient profile. There you will get an option to disappear messages. If there is an image in chatting then it will not disappear but text along with images will be deleted. 

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#3. Star a message so it’s easy to find later

This is the best option if you want to give priority to any chats or messages. If you go with this setting then the starred chat will be shown at the top of the chat bar. For this, you will have to long-press on the chat and click on the star. It is the same in the case of messages. If you long-press on a message then you click on the star then your important messages will be separated. 

#4. Check whom you chat the most

If you are interested in knowing to whom you talk the most on Whatsapp then you can know it in a simple way. For this you will have to click on Android phone, then setting, then storage and data, and the last option manage storage. There will be shown a list of your contacts serially according to chat storage. After tapping on the chat you can see the number of messages you both exchange, images and GIFs. 

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#5. Read-Receipt features

If you turn off this feature then you will not be able to see that your partner has seen the messages or not. Even your messages can not appear blue after seeing the messages. These are awesome messages if you do not want to show anyone that you have read the messages. Even if you post a story in your WhatsApp status then you cannot see the person who has seen your story. If you see anyone story then they will also not know whether you have seen it or not. 

#6. Whatsapp Web

You can also use WhatsApp on your PC by applying a few simple steps. 

  • Open google or any browser in your pc 
  • Type whatsapp web
  • Open linked device option in your whatsapp after clicking three dot 
  • Then click on link a device
  • Then scan the QR code

After doing these simple steps you can use WhatsApp on your pc. You can log out from the pc or phone too. 

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Comment below if you want to know about some more features of WhatsApp. There are also some features left so let us know about your interest.