Top 5 web series to watch on OTT platforms (2022)


It is since 1.5 year we are facing pandemic and in result everything lost the flow. 2021 is on the verge of ending. After the pandemic OTT platforms became more popular than earlier because people started to watch movies on OTT platforms. In this generation, people used to watch web series rather than movies. No doubt, a few web series are literally awesome. The most interesting thing in the web series is that we wait for its next season if we liked that particular web series. Currently, The Money Heist is very trending which you can see on Netflix. Recently Money Heist released its season 5. 

Here is the list of top 10 web series that you can watch on different OTT platforms. 

Money Heist (season 5) : Netflix

The most awaited season of Money Heist has been released on Netflix. It is said that season 5 is the most interesting and mysterious season of Money Heist. After watching there is only one question in everyone’s mind that is about the fate of the professor. This is one part of last season and the rest of season 5 will be uploaded soon. Second part of season 5 is expected to be released in December 2021. 

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The Family Man 2: Amazon Prime Video

Manoj Bajpayee is playing the leading role in the series The Family Man 2. This is also one of the trending web series which you can watch on amazon prime video. The first edition is all about preventing the country from the northern terrorists. The second part or The Family Man 2 also follows the similar story which we had seen in part 1. 

Grahan: Disney+ Hotstar

Grahan web series is one of the best and trending web series of Disney+ Hotstar. It has an 8.6 IMDB rating out of 10. This Indian history drama has got a good rating on IMDB. The story of the Grahan is based on the famous novel Chaurasi. The web series contains a total 8 episode series. The Web Series is full of emotions. 

Aspirants: Youtube

I hope many of you have watched this web series. If you look at IMDB rating then it is 9.7 out of 10. The story of the series is all about the life of the UPSC aspirant. You can watch it on Youtube where all of its parts are available. You can go to the TVF channel on Youtube then you will get all of its episodes. No one should miss this series as it is free and can be watched easily. You can watch it with your family too. If you are an IAS aspirant then you must watch it with your family. 

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Mumbai Diaries (26/11): Amazon Prime Video

On 26th November 2008, the terrorist attack happened in Mumbai. Many producers documented this attack in both Hollywood and bollywood films. In all of the movies, there is only about the Mumbai attack, but this series shows the condition of the hospital at that very time. This is one of the trending web series of 2021. Here you will see how the staff helped those sufferers who got injured in this attack.