Top 5 tips to pick a good hostel for students


Are you facing trouble while choosing a hostel? Do you want some tips? Are you a newcomer? If you are a newcomer then definitely you will face problems whereas some facts you will get after living in the hostel. Most of the students go to another city for their study, and there they live in either a hostel, pg or flats. It is hard to get all the facilities according to our own choice. In this article, you will get only 5 tips which are the most important. In this technology time, you should search for a full technology hostel where you will get wi-fi too. If you do a job, then you should search for just a good room because you have to spend all your time at office.

Before visiting any hostel, make the list of your own choice. If you are not able to make a list and you do not know anything, what should we look at first in the hostel? Then below there are 5 tips by which you can make your own wish. 

Here are the top 5 tips for picking a hostel for your own purposes. 

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Decide the reason for choosing hostel.

First you should decide why you are going to live in a hostel? If you are going with the purpose of studying, then you should search for a peaceful place with less gathering. If the purpose is to just enjoy, then you should not go where only aspirants live. Everything depends upon what you want. Now it can differ according to the location. Some want to live in the middle of the city whereas some want to live near the railway station. Then before visiting anywhere, make your own choice based on your own requirement. If you are government exam aspirants or neet or jee or UPSC then choose the location where you will get good coaching. 

Online Booking

If you want to book online, then you can do so. But it would be better if you booked it by visiting there. Sometimes accommodation you see on the site is not available there. So it would be good if you book it at that very place. Like choosing a hotel that can be booked online easily. Because you live there for a few days, but in the case of a hostel you would have to live for a long time. If you do not have sufficient time then you can visit a few sites where you can book your hostel online. There are a few sites where the prices of hostels are given.

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Type of hostel or room you want

It is one of the most important things while choosing a hostel. The hostel is mainly a shared room where you will have to live with your roommates. But some people want a private room, double room, three seaters, four seater, multiple seaters, etc. So it is your choice where you will feel comfortable. Rent either depends on the number of beds or according to room. As more beds increase, the price will decrease. So first decide whether you want a private room or a shared room. 


This is the most important thing because if you get good food then you can do your work more properly. Some hostels offer you fooding whereas some do not. Somewhere it is compulsory to join a mess, whereas somewhere not. Then, in that case, you can take your tiffin from a local cafe. Quality is very, very important in the case of fooding. If you don’t get proper food, then you can have many diseases. Some hostels offer breakfast, but some do not. So check it according to your requirement. 

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Read Reviews

Always see the reviews of that particular hostel where you are going to stay. Hostelers give ratings and reviews after leaving the hostel. So it helps other people in judging. If you have not chosen any yet, then search hostels and read their reviews. Before this, you should check its location on google map. Then you should go for further steps. In some cases, you get a hostel with all facilities at a cheap rate. So this information you will get from review only or if you have any contact with the person who is living there.