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Top 5 strategies to kick off Depression


DEPRESSION! This 10-letter word carries a very heavyweight. A heavyweight on both our heart and mind. But why should you let it be stronger than you ? So to kick it off here we are with a list of 5 strategies. So let’s begin.

#5 — Divert your mind

Diverting your mind into activities of your interest can be a major help. In this crucial stage, you may not want to indulge in any activity and lose interest in stuffs, but still, you can try to do your once favorite hobbies.

Make a list of at least 10 things you would like to do when you are upset or angry and follow that list. Here are few examples provided — 1. Text friends, 2. Play with pets, 3. Go for a walk, 4. Watch clouds, 5. Watch Netflix, 6. Read a book, 7. Visit a friend, 8. Go for a movie, 9. Do household works, 10. Write a poem/story/play.

#4 — Relief tricks

If you are suicidal or you try or want to try self-harming steps then stop. Here are some techniques you can use as alternatives —

Rubber band technique-

Tie a rubber band around your wrist, pull it and release. It will help you to release your stress and also is better than slashing your wrist.

Ice cube technique —

hold an ice cube in both your palms After a few moments you will feel the pain you have been longing for without leaving a scar!

Pillow punching —

you can punch a pillow when you feel angry, depressed or frustrated. That will help you release your stress and pain.

NOTE- The above techniques are not meant to be practiced for a long time.

#3 — Analysis

You must know that your current situation is not going to last forever. Life is all about struggle and problems. But remember ! Like us they are also mortal. No problem just stays forever. But if you simply destroy your life after them then that would be fatal for you. Analyze the problems, discuss them (if not with anyone then with yourself), and with complete peace try to find a solution. You can also maintain a diary, write your problems on it and burn the page or tear it.


ACCEPTS Stands for —

A- Activity
Indulge yourself in activities of your choice, anything you like to do will work, but make sure it is a positive task.

C- Contribution
Contribute in the work of your fellow people whenever you feel unwanted or depressed. Being in the company of people will boost up your spirits.

C- Comparison
Compare your current situation with the happy times you had had, and tell yourself that the same time will return again.

E- emotion opposite
If you are feeling depressed, do the opposite of what you want to do. For example, if you want to hit someone, go and praise the person, this may feel awkward but it will only better the situation. Or if you want to harm yourself, then tell yourself that you are needed.

P- Pushing away
Push away the negative thoughts, tell yourself that you are too busy for them and you will think of them afterward. Do this every time you feel depressed.

T- thoughts
Think of all the good things you have now, you had and that you want to achieve.

S- sensation
Physically feel some good stuff, eat what you love to and touch something that makes you feel good.

#1— STOP technique

The STOP technique is proved to be the most helpful technique for depression.
Whenever a difficult situation or such a situation comes up that makes you aggressive comes up all you need to do is —

S— Stop!

You literally stop at your place. Stop doing what you are doing.

T— Take a step back

Take a step back both physically and mentally. Physically stepping balk will help you calm down faster.

O— Observe

Observe the situation and your reaction towards the situation. Analyse if your reaction is appropriate for the situation.

P— Proceed

Proceed with what you have observed and what you think you should do.

And with these strategies I wish you a healthy and happy life ahead.



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