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Top 5 Residential Schools In Warangal


Top 5 Residential Schools in Warangal

Schools are the places where students can get the good opportunity of learning aspects and learning environment under the guidance of teachers. These are the organized spaces for teaching and studying. Nowadays schools are built with the advanced technologies to teach their students through online sources. Here we have listed down top 5 residential schools in Warangal to give a brief idea.

Top 5 Residential Schools in Warangal

1.Delhi Public School in Warangal

Delhi Public School in Warangal is one of the top schools in Warangal. The aim of the school is to provide vigorous pursuit of excellence in studies, games, co-curricular activities etc.

DPS Warangal is located in the vast area of 14 acres on the outskirts of Warangal city with good infrastructure and advanced facilities for students to gear up their knowledge. It has the boarding facility for students who are staying away from Warangal & currently there are 300 students in the home with boarding facility. It is one of the top school with boarding facility.

DPS Warangal gives top priority for the academic excellence and tapping the talents of the children with modern educational techniques to impart the standard of education. Our school is having classes from LKG to class XI with CBSE board.

2.Warangal Public School

Warangal public school is sponsored by Ekasila society and established in the year 1983. The school is situated within 300 yards land in Hanamkonda city.The school was affiliated with CBSE syllabus on board from classes I to X. The school celebrates all the religion days, cultural days and annual days where students participate actively in the celebrations.The school is providing the excellent and latest play way equipment for pre-primary children.

3.Greenwood High School

Founded in 2010 as co-educational school, by Sri Challa dharma reddy and Sri Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu and the school has been set up by Aksharamanasa educational society.Greenwood high school mission is to provide a supportive learning environment which helps to excel the children in academics.The school is well equipped with smart classes, social science labs, library rooms etc which provides an opportunity for children to learn and experiment on their own. Digiclass solution empowers the teachers to transform from blackboards to interactive sessions.

4.Oasis Public School

Oasis public school is a premier educational society established in the year 1985. It is a Co-educational CBSE affiliated school in Warangal.The philosophy of the school is based on 5 pillars i.e knowledge, wisdom, spiritual perception, eloquent speech and vision which helps the children to lay a strong foundation for physical, social and intellectual development. The school follows the national curriculum framework which helps the children make learning enjoyable and useful.

5.Millennium High School

Millennium high school is a co-educational school affiliated to CBSE syllabus and was established in the year 2000.The school was managed by Vikas educational society. It has library facility constituting, reference books, magazines and with about 3000 books.

Millennium high school is designed with the facilities like composite science lab, math lab, computer science lab, library, indoor games, dance rooms, music rooms, hostels etc helps the children to grow in academics as well in extracurriculars.

These were the top 5  residential schools of Warangal that are performing well and are preferred by most of the parents. Go with the one that you really feel is the best for your child.



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