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Top 5 Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey  


If you are considering a hair transplant and have done some research, you must have come across Turkey as a top destination. To help narrow your search we gathered the top five clinics in Turkey with the best surgeon credentials, experience, technology, feedback, and of course patient service. 

#1 – Heva Clinic  

Finally a clinic is located in a nice, historical, and upmarket suburb of Nisantasi in charming Istanbul. Don’t you want to spend your time in the nicest possible neighbourhood if you are only spending a couple of days in a city? Heva Clinic is a well-known worldwide hair transplant facility popular for patients from Europe, and the United States who travel to Turkey for medical procedures and want top-notch results at affordable prices. Especially, Heva Clinic takes pride in afro-textured hair transplant results. They have numerous reviews online and patient testimonials which tells a lot about the whole journey. 

If you wish to have a hair transplant in one of Turkey’s leading hair transplant facilities, contact Heva Clinic for a free online consultation. 

Website: dentalhairclinicturkey.com 

Instagram: hevaclinic 

Google rating: 5.0 | 101 Reviews 

#2 – Asmed Hair Transplant Center 

Asmed Hair Transplant Center operates from a good size hospital facility, located in the Asian wing of Istanbul. They encourage everyone to book an online consultation in the first place so you can evaluate the doctor’s recommendations after your hair analysis and online examination. The centre is led by Dr Koray Erdogan, a well-known surgeon in his field in the academic world with innovative methods he offers in the field of hair transplantation. This facility offers higher than average pricing in comparison to other clinics of the same category and quality. If you are looking for a scientific approach and maximum care, then Asmed can be the place that you should consider. 

Website: hairtransplantfue.org 

Instagram: asmedhairtransplant 

Google rating: 4.5 | 204 Reviews 

#3 – Este Favor Hair Transplant Center 

With its professional and successful team, Este Favor is known to deliver high-quality service in the field of hair transplantation. The clinic provides hair transplant surgeries in a JCI-certified A+++ facility. Este Favor does a meticulous and detailed job with the direction and density of each hair transplant and their trust score is quite high. Other hair-related treatments available in the clinic are beard and eyebrow procedures. Este Favor is located in the down to earth mainstream neighbourhood of Bakirkoy in Istanbul. Pricing is mediocre within the local industry standards, which happens to be a third or a quarter of what you would pay in the UK or the US. Even though Este Favor’s patient portfolio is Turkish-dominant, as a medical tourist, you can benefit from their services. 

Website: estefavor.com 

Instagram: estefavor 

Google rating: 5.0 | 110 Reviews 

#4 – Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic 

As the name suggests, this is a clinic owned by Dr Serkan Aygın, a well-known hair transplant surgeon both in Turkey and abroad. Working as a member of the International Dermatology Association, Dr Aygın follows all new tech and surgical methods in hair transplant procedures closely and will ensure that patients benefit from the latest developments. Also worthy of mention that the ‘European Award in Medicine’ in the field of ‘Hair Transplant Surgery’ was awarded to Dr Serkan Aygın.  

Book an online consultation to discuss the best options and treatment methods for you. The clinic is located in Şişli, a busy business, and shopping district in Istanbul. 

Website: drserkanaygin.com 

Instagram: drserkanaygin 

Google rating: 4.8 | 2924 Reviews 

#5 – Smile Hair Clinic 

You probably only have one go at choosing the right hair transplant clinic for your individual needs and it may be worth going through the testimonials examining the feedback of those who had the same experience in this clinic. There are many features that distinguish Smile Hair from others. First of all, the clinic is in the category of a private medical centre; also, it has made a name for itself by Dr Erdogan, Dr Bilgin and other skilful surgeons. They have a friendly team to provide a seamless experience for those who travel all the way to get their hair back. 

Smile Hair Clinic operates at Atasehir, which is the modern part and the Asian side of Istanbul. The clinic guarantees that patients receive comprehensive medical assistance before and after hair transplantation. 

Website: smilehairclinic.com 

Instagram: smilehairclinic 

Google rating: 4.9 | 254 Reviews 



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