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Top 5 Gorgeous Women Cricket Journalists In The World


Cricket in the 21st century has witnessed lots of changes, especially in the context of the appearance of ladies. Several ladies cricket journalists have appeared on the scene currently and they write interesting things on universal cricket. The men dominated the field is currently facing huge rivalry from ladies field writers and columnists. These cricket journalists are not only powerful in terms of their writing skills, but also in terms of their gorgeousness, appeal, and personality. They have exposed different talents in commentating or writing different articles about different matches in cricket. In this article, we will discuss some of the top gorgeous women cricket journalists across the world.

  • Mayanti Langer

Top 5 Gorgeous Women Cricket Journalists In The World

It goes without saying that she stands out as one of the most well-known cricket journalists of all times. She hails from India and is renowned as a ladies sports writer all over the world. Initially, she began her career as a football telecaster and she primarily worked for ESPN. However, later she joined as a cricket host of Starsports and was witness to large numbers of cricket matches played across the world. Apart from the above-mentioned ones, she even played as FIFA World Container on ESPN in 2010. Indian cricketer Stuart Binny is her spouse. Her prominence is evident in the world of cricket even till date.

  • Alison Mitchell

She is an English sports broadcaster working on a freelance basis. In fact, she is the first woman to carry out commentary on BBC on a regular basis. Currently, she is a commentator and reporter for BBC 5 Live and Five Live Sports Extra. She has even been voted for the best SJA sports broadcaster of the year 2013. She is also the primary lady that have called cricket played by men ball by ball on a show aired in Australia. She possesses exceptional skill and talent in expressing her views about different matches or about different players, and this is one of the most popular reasons for the successful career that she has established today.

  • Lekha Washington-

She came into the limelight as a journalist when she hosted for the first season of IPL. Prior to this, she was a VJ on SS Music. Apart from that, she is also known to anchor a popular show that goes by the name of PCO and later Connect in the year 2006. After the IPL, she even hosted the T20 tournament of Canada. She has acquired prominent success, and consequently, she is looking forward to hosting other shows, as well.

  • Archana Vijay

She is one of the famous cricket journalists from India. One of the renowned women cricket anchor in India, she has made a great reputation in the field of journalism. She is known as an extremely energetic writer, and she has facilitated different cricket programs across the world. She is very passionate about journalism, and she has particularly hosted a program based on cricket called “Vaseline Men Once More’. Here one can request for the favorite cricket moment. Her exceptional skills and talents will take her a long way in this field.

  • Mel Laughlin

She is a renowned cricket journalist who hails from Australia. Currently, she works for Channel 9. She became prominent and came into the news when the former cricketer Chris Gayle offered her a beer right after the game. However, this offer made her feel embarrassed and shy, due to which she did not say anything to the offer. However, to her reaction, Gayle responded jokingly that she should not blush. These incidents took place in the T20 series. Apart from that, this gorgeous lady journalist is also known to host A- League in Australia. In any case, she is undoubtedly a flawless woman writer in the world of cricket and her writing pieces give an evidence of the same.

These renowned journalists continue to make a great mark in the field of cricket, and they have successfully established a great hold in cricket journalism. It is not surprising to note that many new women journalists are trying to make their presence felt in cricket journalism, and they are gaining equal footsteps. While some of them have hosted several shows, many of them are still trying to create a respectable position.



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