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Top 5 Generic Medicine Websites In India


What are Generic Medicines?

Generic medicines are pharmaceutical drugs just like the branded drugs that we get in the market. They are same in terms of dosage, quality, and performance. In other words, they are drugs that are marketed under the chemical name and there is no advertising done for those.The generic drugs are labeled under the name of the manufacturer and mostly have a generic unregistered name. They come into the market only when the patent protection period given to the original brand gets expired.As long as the drug is sold under the brand name, we can often see high prices for them. This is when the brand makes huge profits for themselves. Once the generic medicines for the same are in, the prices of the original brand drug go low along side with the generic medicine cost. For the same active component of a drug, we find a lot of generic medicine competitors. Availability of generic medicines in India has benefitted the common people a lot, especially the ones who can’t afford much for the expensive medicines. Below are the Top 5 online generic medicine websites in India where you can get your medicines at an affordable price.


Genericwala is one of the top brand that provides generic medicines at a low affordable cost. The website gives us a clear comparison between market price and their price for the same drug. They sell drugs on a wholesale basis as well if needed by a customer. We can find generic medicines for different categories on their website. They have made sure, that they cover the major health conditions so that people can go for medicines that they can afford. We also get some good discounts on certain products. We have an online chat for immediate assistance as well on their website.They provide generic medicine drugs related to the following categories

  • Anti Cancer Drugs
  • Allergy and Immune system
  • Antidotes and Detoxifying agents
  • Ayurvedic
  • Central Nervous system
  • Dermatologicals
  • Endocrine and Metabolism system
  • Drugs for ears, mouth and throat
  • Anti Diabetic agents
  • BP Medicines
  • Supplementary vitamins and minerals


Netmeds is one of the well-known website for online generic medicines & other substitutes. We can get the drug details either by the condition or if you have a specific name that you are looking for. We have a direct Toll free no to contact and get your medicines delivered or we can also, order them online and track the status of your delivery as well. They provide other products as well related to Wellness, Personal care, Diabetes, First aid Kits and Mother/Baby.


1mg was known as HealthkartPlus earlier. HealthkartPlus was an online vendor of health products under the company name Bright Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. But later was formed as a  separate entity known as 1mg. They offer home delivery service almost in all the parts of India be it a City or a Town. They are spread across India to provide the best services. They provide good deals and discounts when bought in bulk. We can order the medicines and track the delivery online. They also have their app on play store. So you are just a click away from the medicines that you need.

Buydrug.In :

Buydrug.In is a convenient online website which offers generics medicines. They serve all across India through couriers services. We get drugs with regard to main categories like Skin, Eye, Antibiotics, Pain management, and surgeries. They provide services through a phone call, SMS, Whatsapp and online. Also, we get a flat discount of 10% on the medicines ordered online and as well are given an extra discount if you are a first time user to the website.

Magnus online pharmacy:

Magnus online Pharmacy is one such online vendor who offers the best quality generic medicines in India as well as other places globally. They provide discounts on the shipping charges as well as orders that cross a minimum amount. They aim to pick the safe and secure medicines keeping in mind the health of their customers. Their delivery services are available 24/7 and you will be able to track the order any day, anytime.

With this piece of information, Genericwala ensures to provide our customers with safe medicines at the same time our intention is that the medicines should be affordable for the common man to purchase them when he or she is sick. We aim to provide quality medicines at an affordable cost.



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