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Top 5 free online courses to learn Python programming in 2022


Believe me when I say this that Python programming has inspired a lot of people to learn a programming language and still doing so. As of today, I have seen a lot of people who have learned programming language just so they can create. Like, web applications, create games or even just automate a few boring tasks. Unlike other languages whose trend came and went by time passes. Yet, according to Google trends python is becoming more and more popular each day. By learning python you can learn Data Science, Machine learning and Data analytics.

So, in case if you are also looking to learn python but don’t want to spend money on expensive courses.

Here, I have enlisted 5 free online Python courses from which you can choose to learn Python and boost your career as a programmer.


Udemy is a famous E-learning website which offers Nemours courses on various topics by some great teachers. It has probably the biggest collection of online courses world-wide. I personally love Udemy, because you can find course over almost any subject from Art and craft to the programming language even for free.

Unlike any other website, you don’t need any kind of subscription for Udemy. One can easily start learning by creating an account using Google’s account and selecting a free course in your niche. On Udemy most of the instructors keep their course free at first so that they can gain users, interactions, reviews and social proofs which you can use to find your favorite course.

Google’s Python class

In case you didn’t know Google also offers free and paid courses to learn a programming language such as Python. Which are accessible to everyone and available on YouTube which means you won’t need to create any sort of account and can use your existing account and unless you are living under the rock you should have a Google account.

The course includes theory, lecture videos and lots of code exercises to practice and honing your Python coding skills.

 Python courses by edX

If you want to learn from courses created by high-level universities like Harvard, MIT, etc. than edX is a place to go. EdX provides free and paid courses for everyone to learn in the comfort of their home. EdX has a large number of courses to learn Python from beginners to expert and most of these are free.

Besides that, you will also get a certificate on the competition of your courses from edX or in case you choose any paid course than the certificate will be provided to you by that university.

EdX courses cover everything from basics to advance level Python programming with Machine learning and Data Science. The total duration of most of the courses is 5-6 hours, which can be completed in a couple of weeks.

Python course by Coursera

Coursera is the world’s leading E-learning platform. Which provides over 200s of Python Learning courses and certificates to all kinds of individuals. Some of the available courses are:-

  • Introduction to Data Science in Python
  • Applied Data Science with Python
  • Python Data Structures

and many other courses. Apart from these courses, there are 9 different degrees and Certification programs in Python programming languages. Those are created by Top universities and Enterprises. Besides all of this most of these courses are free and once you have completed the courses.

Datacamp for free Python course

Datacamp provides different kinds of programming language courses to learn for free and paid for all types of individuals. This interactive Python course will give you the basic insight into how python program works do with advance level training of concepts like Python list, functions and how to use its Packages & libraries in the program. Learning from this course will help you to understand the basics of python. And how you can implement it for different data analyses. Also, at the end of the program, you will get a certificate that you can add to your resume and cover your LinkedIn profile.

Well, here was top 5 E-learning website and courses you can choose from to learn Python programming language.



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