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Top 5 Foods To Eat When You Have Periods Cramp


On menstruating days, girls should eat healthy foods! 

Most of the girls have the problem of cramps during their period. It is common for girls in their menstruating days. Other problems that a girl bears in her periods are mood swings, abdominal pain, cramps, backache, and headache. It is found in almost all girls except a few. You know, healthy fruits prevent you from these problems. If you eat healthy foods, then it shrinks your pain by 80%. After pregnancy, a woman can have less pain, but before this, all struggle to overcome the following symptoms associated with periods. It doesn’t matter if you are a housewife or working woman, or teenager, it is common in every woman. Period irregularity irritates girls. She will start irritating if she gets her period late. This is a hormonal effect. In this article, we will let you know about the solution of the cramps problem at the time of periods. 

Use the following healthy foods that are mentioned below. You must add this to your diet in your period. 


In case of irregular menstruation or irregular periods, you can eat pineapple. It can help in treating cramps also. You can consume pineapple as a fruit, if not, then you can make juice from it. Pineapple is the best fruit that must be taken to the girls to decrease periods problems. So, to get rid of cramps, consume pineapple. 

Fennel DS: 

Fennel DS holds anti-inflammatory properties in its seeds. This is an excellent option to get rid of cramps. You can eat it in periods. It will help you in relieving pain because it works as a painkiller. It calms down your muscles and relieves you. There are so many ways, and choice is depending on you what consume. Like in some seasons, you will not find pineapple the in that case, you can consume Fennel Ds. 


Banana is the best fruit to eat in periods. It works great for menstrual cramps. It contains nutrients like vitamin B6. In the case of bloating during periods, girls consume potassium-rich fruit to lower water retention. In this case, you can consume bananas too. It will work as a solution to bloating. So you must try this in your periods. 

Leafy Green Veggies:

As it is healthy, everyone suggests consuming leafy green veggies. It is not necessary to take in periods only. Despite this, you can consume it on a regular day to become healthy. If you do not know that spinach lowers pains or menstrual cramps, you must consume it once and observe the result. They contain vitamins B6, E, and magnesium. 

Dark Chocolate:

When it comes to chocolate, then it is the favourite thing for most of the girls. So, it is believed that dark chocolate can help you to provide relief. It fuels you and makes you and your mood calm. Have you ever thought about what is present in this which helps in relieving the pain? If not, then it is responsible for cocoa, and it is present in this dark chocolate. So, it is the best thing to eat at the time of pains or aches. 


This article is not published according to medical advice. It is the only informational article that can help you in periods of pain. 



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