Top 5 expensive houses in the world


If you think of a house, you can only think up to a bedroom, a kitchen and maybe a  swimming pool. However, what about the worlds most expensive homes, let us explore what they have. So here are the most costly homes in the world.


Situated on Mumbai’s tony Altamount Road, the world’s first billion-dollar home ANTILLIA. This home is named after the name of a mythical island, it contains around 27 floors, and each level has its uniqueness. This 400000 sq. Ft. building has three helipads and a parking space of around 168 cars.

It has separate elevators for their workers and their guests and their family member. It has a hanging garden, a snow room, a ballroom. Ambani’s family members only live in the top 6 floors and the rest of the floors is for other purposes.

Villa Leopolda

four fairfeild pond

This villa is worth of $506m situated in Villefranche-sur-Mer town on the French Riviera. It is the most peaceful place. This villa is built in 18 acres with 12 pools throughout the empire, 19 luxury bedrooms, and 14 bathrooms. All they are decorated uniquely.

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Four Fairfield Pond

villa leopolda

Ira Rennert names this villa. It consists of a dining room, which is 91ft. Long, 29 unique bedrooms, 39 bathrooms. It is one of the largest homes in the US, and it has a playhouse of 10,000 square foot which includes a basketball court and a two-lane bowling alley. This villa has a garage that can hold around 100 cars at a time, and it a small 168 seater theatre also.

Villa Les Cèdres

villa les credes

This place is genuinely a king’s place, and it is because it was built for the king of Belgium back in 1830. This home is spread in around 18000 square feet with 14 bedrooms, an Olympic sized swimming pool, a library that contains at least 3000 books, a human-made pond, a statue, a ballroom, a stable to keep 30 horses, grand sitting rooms and much more.


This is Bill Gates’s house, the co-founder of Microsoft. It took seven years to build this fantastic house. This house is “Earth-sheltered,” which regulates temperature more efficiently. It has a 60-foot pool separate from the house. Apart from this, it has a 2100 square foot library, and a hidden bar.