Top 5 Emulators to Play PlayStation 1 Games on Android


Many gamers consider Sony’s PlayStation 1 to be one of the most successful and iconic gaming consoles ever to be developed. The release of this gaming system was part of the 5th generation of gaming consoles, and its release came with legendary game titles and franchises. For anyone who enjoyed the PS1 games back then, currently, from time to time,the gameplay nostalgia kicks in. 

Today, finding the console is impossible, but this does not mean you cannot enjoy the games. Developers have created emulators which imitate the console, and you only need to download them and PS1 ROMs on your device tobe able to play. The best part about emulators is that they can be downloaded on all modern devices, including Android. 

You may ask yourself what the best emulators for your Android device are. Not to worry, we have compiled just the best of these emulators for you. You can download PS1 emulators for your Android device from the web.


Most people consider the FPse to be the most efficient of the PS1 emulators. Some advertisers term it as the best and fastest in the market. It will function as the rest of the emulators mentioned here, but with a slightly better resolution and performance. 

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It can be customized, and it offers OpenGL support and improved high-definition graphics. The rendering is made better by itsshaders, and you can also compress your games for more space. It is a multiple-player emulator with high compatibility and plugins.


ePSXe is another great emulator to use with your Android device that contains many excellent and unique features. The emulator will run with no bugs, and hence it is reliable. It can support upto four players on one screen, has a 2-player screen mode with good sound and speed. It has hardware and a touchscreen padsupport for whenever you need to make use of a controller. It has OpenGL enhanced graphics support, and some of its plugins will give other features.

ClassicBoy Gold

This emulator is worth considering when you need to play your classic PS1 game titles on your Android device. The emulator also supports a variety of other consoles. It is a combination of many different settings, such as auto-saving the state of your game andthe support for sensor and gesture controllers.

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Its hardware support feature will enable you to connect your phone with a Bluetooth controller for game play. It also offers controller profiling and customizable screen controls.


This famous open-source PlayStation 1 emulator is favorable for your Android device with a simple and easy-to-use interface. With RetroArch, you will be able to download individual system plugins.RetroArch is a multi-platform emulator and supports multiple consoles. 

It allows for customization of the controller and supports various languages with a rather stable core. It has unified settings which make configuration to be done only once. Some of its improved features are the shaders, rewinding, and runaheads.


The EmuBox emulator is new and not well known and is referred to as the all-in-one console emulator. It is powerful and supports a variety of consoles as well. Its key features include external controller support, cheat code support, a fast forward mode, tweak emulator settings for performance optimization, supports screen capture (screenshot), and saves and loads game states. For an Android emulator, it has one of the best interfaces.

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Nowadays, you may not have the luxury of playing retro PS1 games on the console. The gameplay can only be enjoyed by the use of emulators. You do not even need to depend on a PC. The emulators will enable you to play even on your Android device. 

There are many different emulators you can use to play your PS1 retro games on your Android device. However, theabove-mentioned emulators will offer excellent support in enabling you to take your PS1 gaming on your Android device to the next level.

They are downloadable online and will provide superior performance, just like the console itself. For a trip down the PS1 game memory lane, get yourself the PS1 emulator and the ROMs, and with your Android device, you will be able to play anywhere, anytime.