Top 5 Countries with Highest Crime Rate


Most of us are not safe, it does not matter where you are living, crime is among us all. Crime rates have become higher in most of the countries, where a majority of us find it unsafe even to walk out of the house because of the fear that we would be mugged or attacked. No matter where you are, no one is safe these days which brings us to the list of Top countries with the Highest Crime Rate.  


Top 5 Countries with Highest Crime Rate

#5 United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The crimes here are linked from major cities and the cycle thus continue. Here if anyone from London was to attack and end and lands up killing someone from Manchester it would be declared as an outright war. Causing a war could be an outburst to other cities who are not even involved in the problem. The countries come together as soon as the news is told to the people. It is considered as one of the top crime rate countries.

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#4 Brazil


The city Rio De Janeiro is one of the biggest cities in Brazil. It is a dominating murder capital, thus making the crime rate very high. Most of the people who cause the crime here are known as “tough guys” where they mostly terrorize locals, murdering to reach someone as a lesson or murder for revenge. You can get an Ak47 in no time. Innocent people are killed daily and this is what makes the crime rate very high.


#3 France


One of the most top crime rate countries is France, where the biggest thing which happens here is theft and the ones living there are so used to it.This is seen in almost all countries but has a higher rate in France. A great suggestion here is to be careful anytime you go there for holidaying especially for the tourists because of theft which happens anywhere anytime.


#2 India


Almost two million people belong to the extreme poverty section here in India. That is almost seventy percent of the total population in India. Though there is no excuse to steal a lot happens but it happens a lot here in India. Mainly hear you see the poor stealing from the rich so that they can make their life better which automatically makes the crime rate go up. India is run by many gang groups in which the major crime that happens here is Rape. It has one of the highest crime rates in the world.

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#1 United States of America 

United States of America 

We know that crime happens every second and every hour. There is always news about some crime that has taken place every day and it is a non-stop process which is never-ending. Sometimes it is a small crime like theft but some are really huge i.e where murder is involved. This country has one of the highest crime rates in the world. The crime rate has been like this for a very long time because everyone is carefree about what the police says and they act the way they want and do not follow the law. It is a country with the highest crime rate.