Top 5 Car Dealers in Hyderabad


Who are car dealers?

Are you assuming that car dealers are the automobile makers? Then we bet, you have the wrong idea on car dealers. Car dealers are the intermediates in the supply chain management between the automobile makers and the customers. The brands might have their own showrooms as well but to broaden the distribution level and to increase the supply of cars, the automobile brands also tie up with car dealers who market and sell the cars of a specific automobile brand to the public in a retail based environment. It usually depends on the automobile makers on whether they want to have their own showrooms or want to go for car dealers. Most of the brands in India go to a car dealership rather than setting up everything on their own.

So if you planning to buy a new car this season and looking out for the best car dealers in Hyderabad, then we have the best picks for you this season.

#1 – Mohan’s Motors (Multi-brand Pre-owned car outlet)

Well to say about them, they have been one of the trusted car dealers in Hyderabad with over 28 years of experience in the automobile Industry. Their showroom is situated in Madhapur, Hyderabad spread across Andhra Pradesh as well. They sell different car models of the major brands like Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Daewoo and Fiat. They specialize in new and used cars. Apart from this, the also assist in easy financing partnered with HDFC bank and provide insurance as well. They also help in the name transferring process while owning a car. You can sell your car directly to another person through Mohan’s car dealership.

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#2 – Varun Motors Pvt Ltd

Varun motor is a brand that you can easily connect with Maruti. They are the authorized car dealers when it comes to all the models of Maruti. The brand sells new and used cars when it comes to Omni, Alto 800, Alto k10, Eeco, Wagon R, Celerio. They have different branches and are spread across 12 cities in India which makes them one of the India’s largest car dealers. They also provide additional facilities including insurance.

#3 – CarDekho

CarDekho is a car dealer that whose services to buy new and used cars are spread across different cities of India.  They sell all types of cars instead of sticking only to few specific brands. They also have a mobile app handy for their customers and provide a wide range of services that includes car loans, EMI options, car tyres, car services, information on driving schools and much more. One of the good features of their website is that it allows us to compare the prices of different models that we have planned to buy. With this, the customer buying decision can be made easily without any assistance through customer service.

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#4 – Mahavir Group

Mahavir Group is the authorized car dealers for the brand Skoda. They started their services in the year 2002 exactly one year after the launch of Skoda in the market. It was one of the main dealers that launched the different models of Skoda cars in Hyderabad. Among the Skoda car dealers, this is one of the old and trusted car dealer whose outlets are spread across Bhubaneshwar, Vishakhapatnam, and Vijayawada. The different models that they specialize in include New Skoda Rapid, New Skoda Superb, Skoda Octavia and Skoda Monte Carlo. When it comes to financing, they provide EMI and online mode of payment for the cars.

#5 – BMW Kun Exclusive

BMW Kun is the major authorized dealer of BMW cars and models. Their outlets are currently in Hyderabad and Vijayawada, soon to be expanding in Chennai as well. They specialize in various models of BMW cars (Used and new ones). They are also known for their after sales services as they believe that they need to keep the customer satisfied throughout their journey with the car that is brought from their outlet. Apart from this, they also specialize in BMW accessories provide easy finance options for their customers.

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With our bit of information on the best customer and quality centric car dealers in Hyderabad, we are sure that now you will be able to make your mind easily when it comes to approaching the right car dealer for your new car!