Top 5 Best Mattress Brands for a Good Night Sleep


Do you often wake up feeling exhausted, tired and unmotivated to plan out for your rest of the day? Or you have been experiencing sleeping problems like snoring or body ache then you must look for a solution that relates to your bed. Hopefully, choosing the right mattress will do the needful. You must understand the importance of a good and best mattress for your good night sleep.

Various mattress brands can actually serve your purpose of providing you with good sleep. Nowadays different kinds of mattresses are available and can be customized for your distinct needs like orthopaedic mattress, sore back mattress, hard bed mattress, etc. Here we provide you with the details of top 5 best mattress brands that will help you identify your problem and also offer a reliable solution.

#1 Centuary Mattress

Centuary Mattress is better known as India’s Sleep Specialist for over 30 years. It produces all its best bed mattresses and the major components in- house which ensure stringent quality standard and consistency in their end product. The Centuary Mattress’ organization has unique and defined quality objectives both at individual and departmental level. In fact, these quality policies form the framework of the Company’s quality management system. 

Centuary Mattress work on Ulti-Matt technology which they consider is the outcome of years of understanding the science of better and sound sleep. Their artisans have hands-on knowledge and experience of crafting mattresses that provide you with perfect sleep. The Ulti-Matt technology seamlessly adheres to combine three essential aspects of a good mattress .i.e, high-quality raw materials, intelligent construction and design and Precision machines and processes.


This company manufactures specially designed mattresses that include Spring Mattress, Foam Mattress, Coir mattress, Orthopaedic mattress, Memory foam mattress. They also manufacture sleep accessories like pillows, cushions, mattress protectors, bolsters and other comfortable sleep accessories. They definitely stand in delivering quality and durable products.

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#2 Urban Ladder DreamLite Mattress

The Urban Ladder DreamLite Mattress are available in six different sizes; you can choose among them depending on your body type and requirements. One of the critical aspects as to why people tend to buy this product is because of the height that it offers. There are hardly any brands in India that offer such quality and height. They are made from the coil, thereby providing ample support and help in relaxing after your long working day.

They also have spring construction variety which makes it lighter and increases the flow of the air. The anti-corrosive high carbon wires stitches make it very durable, which keeps it from sagging as time passes.

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#3 Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress comes in a variety of shapes and sizes both king and queen. The mattress height is 5-inch that is manufactured by stuffing memory foam. It comes with dual features whereby the product’s both surfaces can be put to use as per your need .i.e, hardness and softness. On one surface, you will experience the medium-firm feel, and on other, you will experience a soft feel. Although the decision to use a different surface depends on you, it’s better to use hard surfaces during cold seasons and use soft surfaces in summers for perfect sleep. 

The high-density memory foam in it offers complete support to your body, bringing some therapeutic benefits. To avoid unwanted back pain, choosing the right and the best mattress is vital. The firmness of the mattress makes sure that your spine receives extra support. Wakefit mattresses prevent heat from getting trapped inside while you can relax in comfort.

#4 SleepWell Mattress

Sleepwell Mattress is suitable almost for all kinds of customers as it offers different variants right from soft to hard surfaces. Sleepwell Mattress is considered as one of the budget-friendly mattresses along with high-quality material. This mattress is also available with a dual-tone surface. i.e, hard and soft surfaces. This dual-tone surface ensures your spine is correctly aligned and supported no matter what. The general height of the mattress is six inches which is perfect for the double-sized bed frame.

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The hard surface of this mattress is basically made from rebonded foam and the soft side surface is made with the general PU foam. The perforation of the Sleepwell mattress is very good and well-ventilated. The products of Sleepwell generally come with a three years manufacturer’s warranty.

#5 Kurl-on Mattress

Kurl-on Mattresses are known for their quality. It is basically made from high-quality memory foam and PU foam. These mattresses provide their users with high levels of assurance in terms of durability and comfort with a better support system. These pieces are scientifically designed so that they are lightweight and portable. It is safe to use as the raw materials used in it are zero sensitive materials. 

They are excessively helpful in case you want to prevent sleeping disorders and stress. They study the market and provide users with a fantastic product range. Their product wide range includes a lot of comfort home furnishing items.

Now that you are aware of different and best mattress brands, you can choose the best one as per your needs and comfort.