Top 5 Airlines Carrying Best Amenities In The World


Are you excited to know about the top 5 airlines in the world? If yes, then you are at the right platform to get to know about the top 5 airlines that have maintained their position in the top rank. Go through the article till the end. You will get some popular airlines that are not in the top position despite this that are very popular. 

1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways holds rank in the list of top airlines in the world. It has secured its place at the world level, so it is a matter of pride. It is the most luxurious airline operating today, where you are going to get all luxury amenities. It shares its destinations with 151 countries worldwide. If we talk about its fleet, then it is 161 air-crafts. It has made up of innovative ideas. Its innovative creation makes it in the top position. 

2. Singapore Airlines 

After Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines holds the second position under best airlines in the world. If you book your ticket in Singapore Airlines, you will enjoy so many beverages with a meal for free. It connects with 63 destinations, and it has a fleet size of 106 air-crafts. In the previous year, Singapore airlines held the third position, but it jumped to 2nd position this year. 

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3. Cathay Pacific Airways

You should know that before holding 3rd position, it had 1st position. This year it has dropped to the third position. It does not matter what position it is holding now; it is one of the best airlines in the world. Passengers like most to travel in Cathay Pacific Airways. It has the best economy seats, the best chef with an outstanding menu, etc. It shares its airlines with 168 destinations. It has a fleet size of 146 air-crafts. It is not out of the top 3 airlines in the list of top 10 airlines. 

4. Turkish Airline

In Europe, Turkish airlines are the best airline which satisfies passengers by providing them with all necessary facilities. It has been the best airline in Europe for five consecutive years. It holds 4th position in the list of top airlines globally whereas it holds the first position in Europe. It connects or reaches over 280 destinations. It has a fleet size of 296 air-crafts. If you get a chance to travel on a Turkish airline, then you should not miss it. If you do so, then you are going to collect a lot of memories. It serves multiple meals with different beverages. 

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5. Emirates Airlines

Emirates airlines hold the fifth position but do not go with its rank. Once you enter here, you will feel that no airlines can be good from this. Its operation is based in Dubai, and it is one of the most popular airlines in the world. It is hard to maintain a position in your own country, whereas it has secured its place worldwide. For 10 years, it has been winning the best in-flight entertainment continuously. It connects with 124 destinations.