Top 4 technology trends from 2022 that are here to stay


Technology is getting advanced day by day. From the beginning of the pandemic, everything acquired virtual mode. The matter is that it will remain as it is, or things will get normal as before. According to the news, it can be said that covid-19 will stay for a long time. As a result, most of the things started in virtual mode as much as possible. Some have lost their jobs, whereas some have earned a lot from home. So it would be an opportunity for those who like to work from home if they earn more. But there are some fields that have no option of virtual mode. In this article, we’ll discuss those technologies which will stay in trends in 2021. 

#1. Digital workplaces

By the end of June 2020, 42% of the United states’ labor are doing their job from home. The following news was published by Ericsson. The world is facing a horrific time where they are losing their loved ones in a moment. Everything changed dramatically owing to the covid pandemic across the world. Both the employees and employers are happy while doing their work from home. They responded positively to work from home life. According to Future of Enterprises, it was said that 43% of people believe that they will do their work from home by 2030. 

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#2. Online learning

All of us know that the education sector is the most affected sector by the pandemic. Amid pandemic online learning was the only option to continue the education of students. If you compare India with other countries, then it has less technology and resources. In other countries like Norway, Austria, and Switzerland, 95% of students have their personal laptops. If there is good internet connectivity, then e-learning will become the only medium to study. In India, it will take a lot of time because most of the students do not have laptops or phones. If someone has, then there is no internet connectivity. But in many countries, this technology will stay. 

#3. Telehealth

In coming times it may be Telehealth will stay forever. It helped a lot in the pandemic to prevent viruses. You hoped that in the future, this medium would be the golden thing to prevent the life of people. It will help in less spreading of viruses. So, it is going to be one of the important things in the healthcare industry. Video conferencing can help in preventing you from going to that gathering places. Neither you will go, nor will you be contacted with affected people. 

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#4. Contactless convenience

In the coming time, there will be everything done in a contactless manner. For example, we can relate it with online transactions where you have to just scan a QR code to initiate a transaction. This contactless convenience will be seen in most sectors and things. Like in a biometric system, its system can be changed. It can be converted to face detection. So there are a lot of technologies which will stay post covid.