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Top 3 Places to Visit in the Middle East with Your Beloved One


The Middle East is the center of civilization. Everything started here. Three of the world’s religions originated from Jerusalem. Egyptian civilization is considered to be one of the oldest. And way before Europe became civilized there were already sophisticated empires in the Middle East. That is why you definitely need to visit this region. It has an unimaginably rich history. It has a very diverse culture and interesting traditions. It has everything to offer for those who’d like to have a taste of the Arabic world. But where do you go? Read the following info to know the best places to visit in the Middle East.


Israel is single most important place in the Middle East. The holy places of the three most important of the world’s religions can be found in one city – Jerusalem. People come here from everywhere. This amazing city seems to exist out of time. Jesus was crucified here and Jews built their first temple here. Mohammed had his greatest sermon also here. Visiting Jerusalem is like going to a museum or reading a history book. It is useful for everybody because it reveals the roots of our modern world. Just walking the streets of the old city will make you think.  Also, try to go to the Dead Sea. It is one of the healthiest spots in the whole world. Many people come here to improve their health because the Dead Sea contains unique organic and mineral components which cannot be found anywhere else. Without any doubt, Israel is one of the best places to visit in the Middle East.


Well, everybody knows about the great Giza Pyramids. Due to that Egypt may be the best place to visit in the Middle East. It is one the world’s wonders. And Cairo is definitely one of the oldest cities in the whole world. You can also enjoy swimming in the Red Sea. It offers you great diving and snorkeling because the water there is really clean. You can also visit Alexandria to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. National Historical Museum in Cairo has one of the richest collections in the world. A day won’t be enough for you to see everything there. Markets in Cairo are like a different world. You can walk weeks there and still don’t see a half of what they offer. So, do some shopping. Egypt also provides great tourist services and is relatively cheap in comparison with other places like Israel or Saudi Arabia. You definitely need to take a boat and take a ride on the world’s most famous river – Nile.


Finally, Turkey is yet another great country in the Middle East. It is very diverse. But visiting it feels like visiting Europe because it is well developed, and it’s not a trouble to find Slavic women for marriage here or online, as well. You can literally do everything in Turkey. You have an access to the two different seas. You have mountains, deserts, hills, cliffs, and big cities. It will take you a couple of weeks to see everything in Istanbul. You should smoke shisha and try the local tea. Do some shopping because Turkey exports clothes to half of the world. They’re of great quality but at the same time pretty cheap. Turkish people are very hospitable. And service is also good because, like Egypt, it is a hot tourist spot. Turkish also has a rich history and unique culture. It is an original country from every perspective. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is a single most important place in all Turkey. It is definitely one of the greatest churches of Islam. Muslims from all Arab countries come here to pray. This great temple will simply amaze you. The beauty and scale of Hagia Sophia simply cannot be put into words. It is beyond description. Thus, you need to see it for yourself. You won’t regret it.   

Turkey, Egypt, and Israel are the three most interesting and exciting countries in the Middle East. It is definitely so that without them and their contribution there wouldn’t be any Middle East, Arabic culture, and Islam. So, you definitely should visit the Middle East.



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