Top 20 questions that you must ask in truth & dare game with your best friend


Truth & dare is a very common and interesting game that can be played with everyone. But questions of truth & dare depend on the person whom you are playing with. If you are playing with your friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends then the question level will be different. Like you can ask them vulgar questions too. But if you are playing with family members then the question must be soothing. Sometimes we just ask the same questions again and again. Same questions with the same person can make the game boring. 

The new thing you can add is Supposition. This one is also very interesting. Like in this, suppose there are two players playing this game. Then in this, tell your partner to choose one name in your mind. Then you can ask supposing questions like ‘suppose you and the name you have chosen in mind get locked in the room at night for a day. Then who will it be?’. Then you will have to reveal that name. So you can make so many supposing questions like this. 

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In this article, you will meet with some of the best questions that you can ask your friends in games. So here you will get a number of lists of questions. 

20 questions that you can ask in Truth

  • What is your hidden talent that you haven’t told anyone yet?
  • Have you ever been drunk to the fullest?
  • Have you ever proposed to any teacher?
  • Do you have any teacher crushes?
  • Have you ever stolen something from your friend?
  • Tell me about the most embarrassing thing that you have done?
  • Have ever cheated in exams?
  • Why did you cry last time?
  • For whom did you cry the last time?
  • Have you ever beaten someone willingly?
  • Have you ever kissed someone?
  • Do you ever have any feelings for strangers while travelling in the bus or train?
  • When did you feel embarrassed publicly?
  • What is the biggest lie you told which you should not have to tell?
  • Have you ever ditched someone for the sake of your own happiness?
  • Have you ever sent a letter to anyone of your opposite gender?
  • Have you ever hung out with your partner without informing at your home?
  • Where you did sex for the last time?
  • Have you ever spent a night with your partner?
  • Have you ever been beaten because of your partner?
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10 dare questions that you can give dare to your friends

  • Show me the first photo from your private photo
  • Show me your whatsapp message box
  • Give any number to them and tell them to talk
  • Show me the first 10 call history
  • Call you father and say i am leaving home forever
  • Go and bring a beer bottle without using any carry bag
  • Let me see you instagram chats for 1 minutes
  • Slap your closest friend just now if she is playing with you
  • Eat a raw piece of chicken leg 
  • Send a suicide note to the first five chats in your whatsapp

Comment below if you need some more interesting questions. If you need questions related to the supposition game then you can comment here.