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Top 20 dangerous animals on earth: Beware!


Animals are always seen as a wonder of nature. Hear the singing of a nightingale or see the dance of peacock and you will be awestruck. However, there are some species that are dangerous to humans. Here’s a list of the top 20 dangerous animals on earth.

20. Fire Ants:

Ants are found everywhere. Those tiny creatures don’t seem harmful or do they? Remember the story of Scotland King? Don’t underestimate them. Fire ant’s bite can cause anaphylaxis and kill you if you are allergic to it.

19. Giant Hornets

This species is related to bees. However, it is larger in size than an average bee. Its sting can cause an allergic reaction which can kill you.

18. Tiger:

The national animal of India is definitely not an ideal pet. Tiger kill about 40 to 50 people each year in India. So, next time you see a tiger, Run!

17. Jelly Fish:

This feeble looking aquatic species can be a vicious killer. Many species of jellyfish have electricity in them which can sting you. Some of them also contain toxic poison which can cause pulmonary edema. Tropical seas are filled with poisonous jellyfish.

16. Scorpion:

Even if you don’t know what a scorpion is you will probably run when you see one. This creatures is just as vicious as it looks. Many varieties can kill you within few seconds.

17. Bee:

Bees are important for our survival. They are responsible for pollination and it is important for getting food. But the same bees are responsible for the deaths of nearly 100 people each year.

14. Deers:

Deers? Seriously? How can Bambi be jealous? Well if it run in front of your car at night and you spin to avoid hitting it and then go skidding. You will be dead with your fellows in a car crash. Deers cause many road accidents.

13. African Cape Bull:

They are called as Black Death. Their sharp horns can punch holes in your interiors. No one wants such a ghastly death.

12. Lions

Another feline. The king of the jungle has a bigger share in killing people as compared to lion. Also, never turn your back on king. They wait for that moment and pounce. You will be eaten before you could look back.

11. Elephants:

Elephants are docile animals but when provoked they can stomp you under their heavy pads crushing you one with the dirt.

10. Hippos:

Seen the movie named Jumangi: Welcome to the jungle? If you haven’t do watch. You will get answers to how Hippos are dangerous.

9. Tapeworms:

These can reside in your intestine and are called as silent killer. They feed on you and can cause sudden organ failures and seizures. They don’t show symptoms. So keep your guts clean.

8. Crocodile:

Hollywood action movies have given us enough examples of how crocodiles can be dangerous. They kill about 1000 humans every year.

7. Ascaris:

These infections are caused by eating raw, uncooked or half cooked meat. These worm like tape worm are parasitic and feed on you.

6. Tsetse Fly:

This fly isn’t as much dangerous as what it carries. It can transmit sleeping sickness also known as African trypanosoma killing many every year.

5. Asian Bug:

This bug bites your skin, sucks blood and then transmit a disease called Chagas disease. It can suck other bugs dry. It attaches the dry bug on its back to search for new prey.

4. Freshwater snail:

Generally, snails are not dangerous. However, if they are bearers of Schistosomiasis then you can dry of urinary tract infections.

3. Dog:

Dog is man’s best friend. However, dog causes thousands of deaths worldwide due to rabies. 99 percent of rabies in humans is caused by dogs.

2. Snake:

Snakes kill about 25000 people each year. There are some harmless. However, few have very powerful venom.

1. Mosquito:

Yes, believe it or not mosquitoes cause 1 million deaths worldwide. We know a number of diseases causes by mosquitoes. It’s the smallest killing in the world.

So these are the top 20 dangerous animals on earth.



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