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Top 15 Medical Myths That We Waste Time Upon Regularly


In our daily and regular life, we all believe in various types of myths. Thankfully, some of them are not so serious, while most of them are plainly harmless. However, when it comes to medical myths, we must not take a chance.

There is no point playing with our own lives, and it is vital that we must not accept any type of medical myths. So today, in order to give you a sneak peak, we are going unveil 15 of the most interesting myths that you might have faced in life. So here we go, take a closer look and try to avoid falling into these medical myths.

Pumping adrenaline to the heart


We have seen this in several movies; however it is not true. No matter how grave the situation might be you can never puncture your heart with an injection. You will create a hole in the heart which will actually cause an actual demise. Also, before penetrating the heart, the needle can also finish off your lungs in the process. The right thing to do will be to pump it through the IV lines. So, do not try to do a Pulp Fiction by putting a dosage of adrenaline into someone’s heart directly.

We only use a fraction of our brain

This is a very common myth that half of the world thinks is correct. But it is not, people use nearly 100 percent of their brain units even when they are sleeping. You are at full power even in your sleep. Quite recently many neurologists have claimed that we require total support from our brains to be active all the time.

Eating at night times can make you extra fat

This is a very old myth that you must never consider. If you are hungry you must eat and if you are not, then you shouldn’t. It should be as simple as that. All depends on how much you eat, rather than when you eat it. A box of KFC chicken can fatten you up by many calories both at day and during the night time. For men, one should consume only 2500 calories a day, while the girls should take 2000 calories a day.

Only winter weather causes Flu and Cold

Nope, even that’s not true. If that would have been true, then people in countries like Malaysia and Vietnam would never have fallen down with the flu. Yes, the flu virus easily evaporates in the sun; however that has nothing to do with catching the flu.

Excess vitamins can aid you in various ways

This is a very old medical myth, but most people ignore it anyway. Many vitamin makers predict that you can avoid issues like cancers and flues if you opt for extra Vitamins. However, that’s not true; especially with older people. Some excess usage of Vitamins can actually cause major issues for you. For example taking excess Vitamin E pills can cause cancer in some cases and excess Vitamin A can cause hair loss and blindness.

Hyperactivity is caused by sugar


This is also a myth which we have to refute. Sugar does not cause hyper activeness in any way, yes not even to the children. It is actually eating things like artificial sugar treats (like cakes, soda and aerated drinks) that can cause hyper activeness because they contain substances like caffeine and others.

8 glasses of water can keep us alive for a long time

Another myth we should ignore. As there is no exact definition on how many glasses of water a person should drink in a day. It can be as per your own wish too. But certainly 8 is not the number. For example, if it’s a hot day and you have some outdoor chores to do in the heat; won’t you drink loads of water, in fact maybe even 5 glasses in 4 or 5 hours. So, if you are thirsty just drink water and if not then wait for your turn. Also, as a matter of fact, too much water can also cause several issues, so beware.

Cracking your knuckles can cause arthritis

In simple terms, it just doesn’t, as we just clear off the gas bubbles in between our joints. So crack them as much as you want.

More alcohol to avoid hangover

Nope, another urban myth, as more alcohol can delay your hangover, but it just cannot stop it if your methanol contains is about to pop.

Chewing gum takes 8 years to pass through your body

Nope, they just normally pass on like any other food item, as they are quite small and tiny in size anyway.

Turkey meal makes us sleepy

Well, it does make us sleepy however it is not because the meat contains tryptophan. Even chicken and various other meats also contain the same chemical substance, but we are always okay after eating them. The main reason why Turkey makes us sleepy is thanks it being such a heavy dish. That can considerably slow down our blood flow and make us feel drowsy.

Hair and nails grow instantly after death

Again it is myth. However, they do appear longer and larger as a dead body’s skin wraps up when the cells in it die after death. We are talking about them getting prominent; that’s it.

Consuming oil causes pimples

You mother must have told you this at your younger age. But, it is sadly not true because oil does not pump up the sebum (the skin’s lubricant). The main culprit is the hormones.

Coffee can help you to sober up

It just can’t do it, as the liver cannot process too many fluids at a time. The only thing it can do is lower the sedative effect a bit. However, time is the only healer in this case.

Lower light can cause effects to your eyes

Your eyes do not get damaged even if they read or look for things in low lights. They just need that extra second to focus when the light is low, and that dries up the eyes a bit.



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