Top 10 work from home jobs during this lockdown


During this lockdown period, it is unsafe to go out and boredom is hitting us with ample leisure time. What about doing something productive from home?

Here are the top 10 work from home jobs which will keep you busy and get you money.

1. Translator

An easy way to earn money from home is when you can read and write in two languages. Your fluency in multiple languages can be used in a productive way and get you money sitting at home. Translator job is on high demand, freelancing or applying for different companies like we localize can open your ways of income. Translating Job includes translating documents or audio files in one language to another, but your income depends upon the demand of the language you are translating in.

2. Online content writer/editor

You can get your hands on online Content writing or freelancing for different websites. Someone who is interested in writing or editing can try to work in this field. The payment process depends on the website to the website. The payment scale can be based on per content or based on word count. This productive step can get you a chance to earn money from home.

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3. Graphic designer

Someone who is interested in digital art can go for graphic design. Creating a logo for companies or making posters, all you need is a laptop to be a graphic designer. This work from home job is on high demand and the pay scale for graphic designers varies accordingly.

4. Transcription

Good at typing? All you need is to apply for the job of a Transcriptionist. Listen and type-sounds easy right? a  Transcriptionist does not require any proper experience. Typing the audio files correctly can get you this job. You need to go through a basic typing test to check the speed and accuracy to get this job.

5. YouTuber

Open a YouTube channel, Create different content from home and upload it on your YouTube channel. Your vlogging on youtube can open a way to earn money from home. Each video earns money and the earning process depends on the number of views or you get for content or the number of subscribers your channel has. The popularity of your content decides the money you will be receiving from YouTube.

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6. Online Tutor

Websites like,,, and Tutorzilla ( open aside for online teaching and educate students with different languages or topics via phone or skype. This online mode of helping students online can be beneficial for both the students and the tutor.

7. Customer service representative 

Fluent speaking power and command over more than one language along with proper communication skills and computer skills can get you this job of a customer service representative. This job includes doubt clearance of different customers regarding different products. This home-based work offers varying payment scales based on the companies.

8. Home based business 

Online selling of different homemade products can open a new path for earning. Online Selling of your handmade posters or customized phone back cover or clothing materials or hand made bags can get you money sitting at home.

9. Virtual assistant

If you have faith in your multitasking ability then you can surely apply for a virtual assistant post which includes mail writing, entering data, managing calendar, and catching up with social media communication. This home-based office works have a varying pay scale, websites like,, and give the opportunity to explore yourself as a virtual assistant.

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10. Social media manager

All you need to do is to create content to develop, manage, and promote the brands on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. To apply for this job you need to have some writing and editing skill, photography sense, marketing knowledge, and ability to research. Hubs like Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter offer this post. This work from home job can lift up your financial status.