Top 10 ways to Reduce Plastic Waste


Plastic has slowly stopped coming in the market which is a good initiative taken by our government. But we are still yet to get used to this system. Mainly because all our life we have used all sorts of plastic like plastic covers, plastic cups etc and many more. In some cases, it is better to get rid of the Plastic Waste and also the disposable plastic in your life.Recycling helps to reduce most of the garbage which ends up in landfills and ecosystems.

Whereas very few types of plastics can be recycled by the municipal government. In our modern lives, we see plastic surrounding us due to which there is cutting of trees making it very daunting. Below are some of the easy ways of how to cut down on plastic.


Top 10 ways to reduce plastic use

#10 Don’t use Plasticware

Don't use Plasticware

Say a big goodbye to all the disposable chopsticks, spoons and even forks. It is better to carry steel related things for your lunch and dinner or if your favourite restaurant has only plasticware, it is better to start maintaining a set of utensils to reduce carbon footprint.


#9 Use Cloth Diapers

Use Cloth Diapers

In the US there is a total count of over 7.6 billion pounds of disposable diapers that are discarded each year. More of each atleast 2,00,000 trees are cut down such for babies diaper alone. You must have heard the saying “save trees and get rid of plastic.”  By simply switching to cloth only makes you save money as well. One of the best methods of how to cut down on plastic.

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#8 Buy Boxes, and not Bottles

Buy Boxes, and not Bottles

It is highly recommended to buy laundry detergent and soap in boxes instead of the same old plastic bottles. Here cardboard can be very easily recycled which makes it into more products than the usual plastic. Another best way to reduce plastic waste.


#7 Give up Gum

Gum was initially made from a tree sap which was called as chicle, a natural rubber. When scientists created synthetic rubber and polyvinyl acetate began to replace this natural rubber in most of the gums. Now we are not only chewing on plastic but we are also chewing on toxic plastic as well, a chemical which is used to cause trauma in lab rats. It is better to stop the consumption of gum.


#6 Use reusable produce bags

Use reusable produce bags

Almost a total of 1 million bags are used every minute where a single bag can take almost 1,000 odd years to completely degrade. If you are already bringing reusable bags to the stores that you are following on the right track. Purchase some reusable bags and keep away from plastic. Avoid also bags that are made from Nylon or Polyester. It is the best way to reduce plastic use.

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#5 Pack lunch the right way

Pack lunch the right way

If you have your lunchbox filled with plastic containers and bags, it is high time you make a change. Instead of putting them in bags it is much better to use them in accessories like reusable snack bags. It is much preferred if you go in for fresh fruits instead of single serving cups.


#4 Do not buy Juice

Do not buy Juice

Instead of purchasing juice in plastic bottles, it is much better to make your own fresh juice or eat fresh fruit. This helps in completely cutting down on plastic waste and also helps in getting more vitamins and antioxidants which are really good for your health. It is one of the best ways to reduce plastic wastes


#3 Return Reusable containers

Return Reusable containers

If you buy any fruits/vegetables like cherry tomatoes and berries at the farmers market, it is much recommended to bring plastic bags to the market when you can refill. You can ask the local grocer to take the plastic bag and reuse them. A very much preferred method and does help in reduction of plastic waste.

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#2 Clean green

Clean green

There is no need for various bottles of tile cleaner, window cleaner, kitchen clean if you have your hands on a few basics like baking soda and vinegar. It also saves some of your cash and it is better to avoid the toxic chemicals by making your own products. This is one of the best ways of how to cut down on plastic.


#1 Say a big No to Straws

Say a big No to Straws

Another easy way to keep away plastic out of our lives is to say a big no to plastic straws. It is better to avoid them and make sure you also do the same when you are visiting restaurants. It is better to buy a stainless steel or a glass drinking straw. One of the best methods of how to reduce plastic use.