Top 10 Tips For Writing A College Essay


The college essay is not the assignment that should frighten the students. Without any exaggeration, essays are a piece of cake if you have mastered writing skills and know-how to deliver your ideas academically. Looking ahead, pretty all you need is great motivation and dedication to writing papers. Otherwise, there are always third-party helpers, which will be covered below.

Tips for Writing Top-Notch Essay 

Above, you read about third-party helpers. It mainly concerns college essay writing help companies daily help students submit their assignments on different topics and for various disciplines. Yes, you have to pay some price for such custom college essays, but you are 100% sure of the correctness and uniqueness of such a paper. 

If you want to do everything alone, congratulations because it is half of the success. Therefore, the following tips are for you:

№1 Start Writing as Early as Possible

You may agree that you can manage to complete more tasks when you wake up early rather than when waking up very late. The same concerns the writing of the essays. Even if your assigned paper involves a simple topic, write it early. 

№2 Be Sincere

Students repeat one common mistake when writing papers – they write about what they have heard or seen. Essays are your considerations on the topic involved, so no need to make someone’s ideas yours. Beyond that, you may agree that when you write your arguments, you can easily back them up. While, when you manipulate other sayings, you puzzle your head with additional facts. 

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№3 Don’t Plagiarize

It is normal to borrow one’s research information by fulfilling a straightforward rule – cite everything you borrowed. Note, modern plagiarism checkers are becoming smarter and smarter, the same as students, so they can find plagiarism even with your paraphrased sentences and replaced words.

№4 Don’t Repeat Information

When you run out of words for your topic, you go around one sentence and repeat it continuously. No, such tricks for reaching the word count won’t work with any professor. Look, your essay consists of the introduction, main body, and conclusion. So, the main body may also consist of 1-3 paragraphs on average. Each section should be dedicated to one argument and idea without repetitions. Remember about that. 

№5 Put Yourself in Reader’s Shoes

Try to be a magician. A reader, while reading your essay, should not have any bothering questions about the context. It means that every paragraph should answer everything. After acknowledging your essays, your reader has the following questions – What was the main idea? What were the key arguments against…? – you did not achieve your set goal of writing a good essay. When re-reading your completed paper, ask yourself those questions. 

№6 Don’t Play with Word Count

When writing essays, you should not go crazy about the word count. For instance, if the essay is set with the requirement of 500 words, do not go over them and do not write less. Do also try to distribute your paragraphs smoothly. It means that if the essay is 500 words, leave 100 and 100 for the introduction and the conclusion. While the main body will occupy 300 words. 

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№7 Don’t Be Too Smart with Terms

An essay is not a dissertation that should show your professor’s knowledge of specific terms. Yes, partially, you can add some terms. However, 1-2 terms are enough. Some students fill their work with complex vocabulary in pursuit of receiving an excellent grade. Yet, as a result, all they receive is a spoiled professor’s impression. Keep a vocabulary of synonyms for any words that might seem too complicated. Remember, there is nothing bad in simplicity.

№8 Add Quotes Smartly

If you lack some techniques for the essay, the use of quotes might come in handy. Ideally, they can fit the introduction, and the main body, while their presence, in conclusion, will only puzzle the reader. Note, if the essay is of small/medium size, 2 quotes are a perfect minimum. Do not try to overload every paragraph with quotation sentences. And, do not forget to decorate them with quotation marks.

№9 Risk with Humour

If you are a funny person, you can show it in your essay. For instance, some jokes may fit scholarship essays, even where the commission will evaluate your sense of humour. Otherwise, you can just add some jokes for your current professor, who will not consider as great another context of your essays. Note, if you are not gifted with humour, try to avoid it at all costs. There is nothing worse than jokes which are understood only by you.

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№10 Limit Your “I”

Last but not least tip regarding the best college essay writing is to focus on arguments and facts rather than such statements as I think, I believe, I suppose. First off, they bring no value. They do not prove anything. They are biased. It does not mean that you should not provide a professor with your personal opinion. It just means that you have to limit the use of your I. Note, it does not concern the events when your topic is fully concentrated on your personal story or when you write a scholarship essay and need to sell yourself.

When sticking to these tips, you can significantly improve your writing skills. One more tip for the road is to find a second opinion. Whenever you complete writing your papers, strive to deliver them to your friends or relatives. For instance, gather several people, and read it aloud. Otherwise, distribute per them your printed essay, and give them some time for reading. After that, ask for sincere feedback. Ensure your immediate environment won’t tell you fake opinions just not to hurt your feelings. 

Finally, as was hinted above, you can rely on designated writing services or find lifehacks that may help you start a college essay better and effectively.