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Top 10 the most popular and richest cricketer in the world


Are you interested to know about the richest cricketer in the world? Generally, we know this according to our own country. But when we discuss it on a world level then it becomes quite more interesting. If anyone who belongs to your own country comes in this list then it becomes a proud moment. It does not matter where you stand but it always matters what rank your country is holding. So let us check if any Indians are securing any place or not in this list? Who is holding the first place? Who is runner up? All you will get to know from here.

You know, you will feel like waao if you start to check the list. Think for a while what it can be? Should I disclose? You know most of the cricketers belong to India. Even the top 3 players are from India. Let us check the list along with his net income. 

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#1. Sachin Tendulkar 

Net Worth:  $170 Million (₹1090 Crore)

As we know, Sachin Tendulkar, who was a great Indian player, is the richest cricketer in the world. He is also known as ‘The God Of Cricket’. The most interesting thing about him is that he has a record of 100 centuries. He is the brand ambassador of both national and international brands such as Luminous, BMW, Britamia, Canon, Adidas, Pepsi, etc. His net income is $170 Million. It’s awesome, isn’t it? He has the property of almost rs 520 crore worth. From all of this data it can be said that Sachin is the wealthiest cricketer in the world. 

#2. M.S Dhoni 

Net Worth $ 111 Million (₹767 Crore)

Now, the next and second richest cricketer in the world is M.S. Dhoni. The former captain of the Indian team, MS Dhoni is one of the most successful cricket players. His net income is $ 111 Million. He holds good skills that are really admirable. Recently he has taken retirement from cricket. He is the brand ambassador of GoDaddy, TVS Motors, Lays, Red Bus, Colgate, Snickers, etc. 

#3. Virat Kohli 

Net Worth  $92 Million (₹638 Crore)

The current captain of an Indian Team is Virat Kohli. In a frank way, he is the crush of many girls. No doubt, he has an awesome personality. Being a cricketer, he has too many skills too. It is the time now, where the Indian cricket team is famous because of Virat Kohli. He has 51.6 followers on his instagram page. His net income is around $92 Million. Let us discuss his other choice in games. He is also a big fan of football. He is the co-owner of a football team that belongs to Goa. 

#4. Ricky Ponting

Net Worth $70 Million (₹500 Crore)

Ricky Ponting is the captain of the Australian Captain team. He holds 4th rank in the world regarding the richest cricketer in the world. If you look at the history of cricket then you will see that Ricky Ponting is one of the best batsmen among other cricketers. His net worth is $70 Million. Owing to his skill he has won two consecutive ICC World cups. In the IPL he is leading the Delhi Captains team. There are some brands which he endorses such as Pura Milk, Adidas, etc. 

#5. Brian Lara 

Net Worth $60 Million (₹415 Crore)

Brian Lara who is also a great cricket player. His net income is $60 million. He is famous for his highest score in a Test match that was played against England in 2004. For the second time in history he has scored 400 individually. He is famous internationally owing to his awesome skill of cricket. He sponsors some brands like Tyre Company which made him popular internationally. 



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