Top 10 the most feminist countries in the world


In the world, there are still a number of countries where women are fighting for equality. She doesn’t feel free or safe when traveling or roaming. Don’t you think it’s a matter of great sorrow? Even in India, women are fighting to acquire their position. However, India is stepping towards equality in all fields. Like in defence, females are allowed to join. Day to day, Indian Women are getting equality in each field. Not only this, but also she is doing her best in those fields and making her nation proud. There must be the same power for both men and women so that they can shape society. It is a human right, and no one should seize this right from women. 

In the world, there are so many countries that are totally feminist countries. If you enter these places, then the girl will never feel like she is a boon. Whereas in India, still, females feel like she is a burden to their family. Owing to education, the mindset of people is changing, but still, somewhere, females get killed after taking birth. What do you expect when a girl gets killed? To protect the rights of women is called feminism. Feminism is not only equality. It is also about protecting her everywhere and in every field. 

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Here is the list of some countries which hold the top position in the list of feminists. Check here the list and read all the information related to the feminist in these countries on the internet. 

  1. Sweden:- You should know that Sweden is the first country that applied feminist policy and became the first feminist government in the world. It indicates that gender equality is in the hands of the central government, and they gave priority to the feminists. 
  2. Denmark:- In the current survey, it was found that there is a slight difference between Sweden and Denmark. Earlier, Denmark was the least feminist country in the world, but it is not now. Even in Denmark, along with Sweden, they both started accepting wolf-whistling, which seems a good indication of gender equality. 
  3. Norway:- Norway is also the best country in the list of the best feminist country in the world. There had happened four feminist movements to give equal rights to women. There was a good approach of Norway in providing equality for both men and women. There were some acts regarding feminism in Norway, like the Norwegian Equality Act in 2002, etc. In 2016 it became the first country of gender equality ombud. 
  4. Canada:- The most interesting thing about women in Canada is that breastfeeding is highly normalized in Canada. Even it does not affect if anyone is gay. It means Gays are also treated equally in Canada. 
  5. Netherlands:- Netherland has also come on the list of the most feminist countries. Here, both men and women have equal rights, which help in developing countries in all ways. 
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Rest 5 countries are mentioned below, which also come in the list of the most feminist countries in the world. 

  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Germany 
  • Australia