Top 10 Stylish Tollywood Actors Of Recent Times (2018)


Among various sections of the Indian film industry, the Tollywood aka the Telugu Film industry is also one of the most crucial and famous industry of our society which produced numbers of successful movies in years to years of different genres from horror, suspense, comedy, thrilling, Masala movies, actions, comedy, creative, thought provoking and so on. Literally like the Bollywood industry, the Tollywood industry is also loaded with some of the most talented actors who are known wide across the country.

These top 10 Tollywood Actors produced great performances in their respective movies which are also quality based movies. Apart from delivers mesmerizing performances in their respective movies the Tollywood stars are also giving complex to the bandwagons of the tinsel towns in the matter of looks, fashion, attitude and style.

They actors set their own style statement which is enough to woo audiences no wonder why the stars are having huge fan following from all across the globe.

Anyway, let’s have looked on the list of “Top 10 Stylish Actors Of Telugu Cinema”:

Allu Arjun: The 33-years-old Telugu actor Allu Arjun is known for his massive performances in his blockbuster movies like “Julayi”, “Rudhramadevi”, “Race Gurram” and so on. With the gigantic fan following the movie-artist fondly address as Bunny by his fans. He is a great dancer too and everybody literally smitten by his dancing skills and always managed to look jagged in his every outfits. 


Rana Daggubati: The actor known in the country for his amazing acting skills. And currently he is ridding success with his epic and blockbuster movie “Bahubali”. Rana has his own style statement; literally he is having an effortless sense of style. He is known for films like “Dum Maaro Dum”, “Leader”, “Rudhramadevi” and so on.


Sidharth Narayan: Siddharth is a multi-talented celebrity who has proficiency in acting, playback singing and also as a screenplay writer. Apart from dazzles in Southern movies, he showcases his acting skills in epic Bollywood movie “Rang De Basanti”. Siddharth Narayan managed to look extreme handsome even in casual as well in the formal dress.


Akhil Akkineni: The 23-years-old young lad just makes his acting debut in the T-Town with movie “Akhil”, indeed his presence has been felt. Apart from having female fan following, the actor even managed to receive compliment in terms of looks from the entire film fraternity. Whether it is formal or casual get-up he looks perfects, in all attire.


Nithin Reddy: Nithin Reddy is most handsome actor of the Telugu cinema literally with his simple but mesmerizing look. He worked in Bollywood movie “Agyaat” too with dozen of the Tollywood movies. His style statement is very simple, indeed dignified. His pleasant personality is literally par apart.


Prabhas: Prabhas one of the most sorted Tollywood actor in his own league on the choices of his films. Currently he is enjoying much success after the release of his highly acclaimed movie “Bahubali”.  Apart from a fantastic acting, Prabhas is blessed with most magnified look.


Nandamuri Kalyan Ram: With his extremely dashing and handsome look he successfully woos audiences with massive female fan following, he is doing very well in the Telugu film industry. He is known for movies like “Patas”. Last year he also produced the Telugu movie like “Kick 2” with Tollywood superstar Ravi Teja and the young actress Rakul Preet Singh.


Akkineni Nagarjuna: If you see the latest fashion trends and if you have to give challenge to the young heroes regarding looks is never so easy, still if you are over 50. But the legendary actor Akkineni Nagarjuna does it with full on style. It would be hard to believe that he is 56; he looks much younger than his age.

The actor is ruling Tollywood from 3 decades; still he is doing the same. The 56-years-old cine-artist is counted as the one of the most versatile actor of the Telugu cinema. Nagarjuna looks spiffy in anything he wears.


Mahesh Babu: Chennai-Born Telugu actor Mahesh Babu comes from the renowned celebrity family but he is known for his performances not for his background. Honored with extremely handsome personality, Mahesh Babu is touted as the best actor of Tollywood. He is always received thumbs up when it comes to looking good.


Pawan Kalyan: Among the most popular actor of Tollywood Pawan Kalyan is always about donning different roles and aiming for success at all times. He is also role model of mass but he proved impressive for class also.

His style statement is simple but unique and special. No wonder why his gestures and mannerisms are adopted strongly by the fans. Indeed Power Star Pawan Kalyan is treated as demigod status among the fans and the star carved a niche of his own and this was mainly due to his mannerisms and style.