Top 10 scientific ways the world could end


How will the world end, why are there a lot of rumours about the world ending and what are the reasons behind it? Truth be told no one knows the right day or hour, but yes the fact is the world will end one day and there is nothing we can do about it. In the past years, we have seen many theories that predicted the Ways the World could end but again none of them likely turned out to be true.

Many people around the globe have been spreading several rumours about the world ending and this leads to a lot of trouble. There are several scenarios wherein the humans would be completely wiped out, where if we manage to escape all that the sun will die one day. There are many people who have written books about how the world would end. Still, predictions and statements can turn out to be true at times. There are still many statements and causes that are made by scientists, to get a clear picture we have come up with a list of ways the world could end.

Top 10 ways the Earth could end

#10 Overpopulation


There is always a fear of overpopulation and this has been vastly increased since the 18th century. With the global population at more than 7 billion and more many of the scientists think that this issue would be the key reason for the destruction of the planet.

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#9 Robots


Elon Musk and Bill Gates have expressed concerns about the rise of AI i.e artificial intelligence which could mean a threat to the human race. They said that AI could start World War III and could end the human race. Once humans develop AI, they will take over and recreate themselves by making themselves much more evolved. This is one of the ways the world would end.

#8 Supervolcano

Like an asteroid impact, a gigantic supervolcano eruption could spread enough particles into the atmosphere which would block out the sun killing almost the whole plant life. The supervolcano is much more dangerous than any asteroid or comet said a NASA Engineer.  NASA scientists are highly worried about the volcano which is beneath Yellowstone park and are testing many ways to prevent such an eruption.

#7 Global Pandemic

Global Pandemic

There are many diseases that have killed dozens of millions of people due to smallpox, Ebola and flu have some sparked epidemics. Now that civilization has become much more advanced with many vaccines we are likely to have another new disease that is quickly spreading across the world. Nowadays we realize that even bacterias are getting resistant to antibiotics which makes the health experts believe that the threat of a global pandemic is much greater than before and would be ways the world could end.

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#6 Black Hole

Black Hole

A black hole has the capacity to swallow up the Earth but it would take decades or centuries for it to happen but if it happens we cannot do anything about it. For many reasons, researchers say that the chances of this issue to happen is very less.

#5 Climate Change

Climate Change

The destructive consequences of the rising global temperatures have been the subject of debate for a very long time. Mainly rising sea levels, global warming, and minimal food production could lead to many millions of death or even billions. Some say that the planet would become inhabitable because of this issue and this could surely bring the world to an end.

#4 Biological Weapons

Biological Weapons

With many countries possessing biological weapons, these weapons could have a really bad consequence if unleashed. Technology has become so advanced which makes it cheap and easy for non-state actors t weaponize bacteria and viruses.

#3 Giant Asteroid

Giant Asteroid

This is an issue that has been in the discussion for many years which is why it has made it to the list. We always wonder when is the world going to end. Scientists said that there are about one in a million chances of a giant asteroid falling on the earth in any given year. As in the past, a similar case happened to the dinosaurs. When an asteroid hits it almost has an effect like a nuclear blast.

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#2 The Sun

The Sun

This can happen at least once out of four billion years. At some point in time, our sun would run out of fuel leading to the end of life on earth. As the sun dies it would make global temperatures rise to a point that the oceans can evaporate. Many of us have a hard time accepting such inevitable things.

#1 Nuclear War

Nuclear War

One of the possible ways the world would end is Nuclear War. If the world is likely to break out into a complete hardcore nuclear war, then it would be really horrifying for many people as they would die in the blasts and would be most exposed to radiation. A man-made issue which can be solved but due to some hot pursuit between a few countries things are certain that this might happen sooner or later and the only way to avoid this is peace.