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Top 10 Play Schools in Hyderabad


Gone are the days where the parents use to admit their kids in school directly starting with LKG & UKG followed by higher classes. With this fast pace & competing environment, the parents are in no way to compromise when it comes to their kids’ learning and development phase. They want their kids to learn as much as possible and grab enough knowledge as this kind of attitude will make them to be successful in their future careers and also makes them represent a future leader when it comes to managing and organizing skills.

If you are a parent who wants your child to have a school kind of experience before you can join your kid into Pre-school in Hyderabad, we will help you out with the most trusted play schools that are known for their excellence and innovativeness when it comes to making your child brighter!

Oi Play School

This institute started off its play school and Preschool activities in the year 2010. They have been for quite a long time in this field when it comes to child development activities compared to the rest of the schools which makes them as a brand to stand out with their branches in Secunderabad and Saidabad. They also have expanded to new cities including Bangalore. They were featured as one of the top schools in the year 2016 for their preschool activities. They provide playschool activities for kids between the age of 2 years to 3.5 years before they are officially admitted to schools. The teaching has a perfect blend of all the major activities that help the child brain to develop. They include music, arts, and physical activities.

First Innings

This playschool is located in the heart of the city Banjara Hills. They strive to provide a comfortable environment for the child to learn and play. They try to know the ability of each child and according nurture them in terms of learning and physical activities. Their curriculum focuses on the key concepts including physical development, Maths, Language and Literacy, Creative and music development. They provide separate areas when it comes to the kids Art Zone, Fun Zone, Library, Music, Play, and Classroom.

Bachpan Playschool

The playschool was established in the year 2005. They have more than 10+ branches in Hyderabad covering all the major centers in Hyderabad. Apart from that this a one of the largest group that is spread across 25 states in India with several branches. They provide playschool activities for kids ranging from the age 18 months to 2 years.  The course duration is approximately close to 4 hours. The major activities include Storytelling, Sharing habits, Sand Play and Toytime. They aim to keep the activities as much simple as possible so that they can learn those basic well without more pressure to cover up various topics and activities.

Slate Play School

The school kick started off during the year 2003. The school located in Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad.  They focus on the concept “learning by doing” where they strongly feel that the kids at that age will only learn when they practically do those. They go for a holistic approach to learning. Apart from learning activities, they emphasize a lot of extracurricular activities including arts, music, festive celebrations and field trips.

DPS play school

Delhi Public School playschool has been in the education and childcare sector for 6 plus years. They have the school located in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad. The school brand is well known for the DPS schools (higher education x to x1). They follow a Montessori trend of education where the focus is on the child’s overall growth.

Blue Block

Blue Block is a Montessori school with Montessori philosophy and methods. The school is situated in  Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The playschool activities are offered for kids between the age 1 year to 2 and half years. Here, they tend to focus on Brain, Language, and Movement.

Chirec International school

Chirec is a well-known school for play, preschool along with higher grades of classes up to twelfth. The syllabus followed here is the  CBSE pattern board. This school timing can be anywhere between 8 to 6:30 pm.  Per 2016, they were ranked among the top ten well and best performing schools.

Indus Early Learning Centre

IELCs is located in the Urban area of the city which is Jubilee Hills. The school focus on the following key subject which includes Language, Maths, Logic, Science and social along with arts.

Kangaroo Kids

The Kangaroo school is located in Banjara Hills. They provide playgroup activities between the age group if 15 years to 2 and a half.  The course structure and curriculum is designed in a way that they don’t end up earning money from my wallet.

Globe Toters

This is a play school started by the Birla Group. The school is situated in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. They aim to provide education and extra knowledge in a very strong way so that your child’s future lies.

With these trending and all-time favorite playing schools, they believe in quality learning as that is going to help the kids out there.



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